Resources about types of conversions - macro conversions which are major actions the user takes that are beneficial to a website owner (like signing up), and micro conversion which are minor steps (like clicking a registration button).

Macro and Micro Conversion

Perspectives on Macro and Micro Conversions

L;;Micro & Macro Conversions;;NA;;;Vizitor Macro Conversions Assisted Conversions Micro Conversions Critical Micro Conversions 550 Micro-conversions  part of the funnel i M  cro Conversions a What's your conversion rate? 2-5% 95-98% ?!
L;;How Digital Marketers Are Bucketing Micro and Macro Conversions;;NA;;;As a digital marketer  I’m exposed to a lot of data. The beauty of running digital campaigns is that I have access to metrics on almost everything imaginable. From impressions to views  placements
L;;Micro and Macro Conversion;;;;;
L;;Micro and Macro Conversions- The Primary Steps to Earn Business;;NA;;;Online selling – how unpredictable a game it is  really! You may have invested a good sum of money  listed quality products  offered high-class services and may be getting a lot of targeted traffic
L;;Macro and Micro Conversions;;NA;;;We have certainly come a long way in understanding impact and effect of users who are visiting our websites. In the early days of the internet the measure of success was the amount of hits your websit
L;;Understanding Macro & Micro Conversions;;NA;;;There several ways to show the success of your Internet marketing efforts. One data point that all of us at Full Media pay close attention to is the total number of conversions! A conversion does not
L;;Tracking Macro vs. Micro Conversions;;NA;;;Most marketers and webmaster are familiar with the concept of website conversions: the desired actions taken on your website. However  I see many people make the mistake of not differentiating between
L;;Micro Conversions vs Macro Conversions;;NA;;;Micro Conversions are often viewed as getting someone to move to the next step  while Macro conversions are viewed as someone completing a goal. A macro conversion doesn’t have to be a purchase  it
L;;Macro and Micro Conversions;;NA;;;We have certainly come a long way in understanding impact and effect of users who are visiting our websites. In the early days of the internet the measure of success was the amount of hits your websit
L;;Micro vs. Macro Conversions – Simplified!;;NA;;;Assuming you have some basic knowledge about digital marketing  you would know there are many factors and channels that contribute to your business success. You can think of them as team players  wher
L;;Website Measurements - Macro and Micro Conversions;;NA;;;In the digital age  it is becoming absolutely necessary to create an easy-to-use and effective online journey for your customers. Measurements and analytics will help you refine and enhance this journ
L;;If Website Conversions (Both Macro and Micro) Were Like Football;;NA;;;Here are some comments you won’t hear in tomorrow’s marketing or sales meeting.  No orders came through…no problem!  No one filled out our contact form…no worries!  No one registered for our
L;;10 Micro Conversions You Don't Want to Ignore;;NA;;;DOWNLOAD YOUR COMPETITORS' TOP PPC & SEO TERMS. TRY IT FOR FREE! When website owners explore their website analytics  they tend to focus on one main conversion: how many sales came directly from all t
L;;Conversion Rate Optimisation - Macro Conversions vs Micro Conversions;;NA;;;A key part of our work with clients is delivering more sales and leads through their websites. Today we look at macro and micro conversions and how they work together. Virtually every website has a pu
L;;Better Tracking of Macro and Micro Conversions Thanks to Adwords Conversion Reporting Updates;;NA;;;By Lanny Mash on Aug 15  2012 in Digital Marketing |  Google AdWords is a kind of advertising feature created by Google designed purposefully for businesses that want to display their ads on Google p
L;;Macro Conversion;;NA;;;The term macro conversion describes the conversion of a website visitor into a paying customer or a subscriber of a web service. Macro conversions are usually defined as website goals  so that the su
L;;Micro Conversions: An eCommerce Technique to Boost Conversion Rate;;NA;;;It is good to focus on the larger picture in your eCommerce business. However  neglecting a few small things can highly destroy all your efforts. As you always focus on macro conversions  have you eve
L;;Your Website has Business Objectives - Conversions Basics;;NA;;;I’m a data freak so it’s no surprise that I love Google Analytics  Clicky  and organized spreadsheets full of colored rows  bolded cells  average formulas and autosum formulas  like this one: But

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L;;Using Monetary Values for Macro- and Micro-Conversions;;NA;;;Years ago I read a post by Avinash Kaushik  Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist  that had a big impact on the way I use web analytics. Avinash urged companies not only to measure conversion goals
L;;How to Value Micro-Conversions in Content Marketing Analytics;;NA;;;At a talk I gave at MarketingProfs B2B Forum  one of my audience members asked a very interesting question: We know how to value a macro-conversion like a generated lead or a sale  but how do we value
L;;Sweating the Small Stuff: How to Identify Micro Conversions;;NA;;;The definition of a conversion is more complicated than the number of sales  views  or leads your site generates. If your website is going to drive growth  you need to take a closer look at everything
L;;What Are Micro Conversions and How You Should Use Them;;NA;;;Successful digital marketers pay a whole lot of attention to their sites' conversion metrics. Conversions are the fuel that powers everything else they are doing. Measurement of your marketing ROI  an
L;;Identifying Macro and Micro Conversions;;NA;;;In the first post of this series we looked at understanding business objectives. This second post will cover macro and micro website conversions  how they differ and the roles they play in overall per

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