Resources about the practice of measuring and analyzing behavior of users accessing websites and apps on mobile devices.

Mobile Analytics

Key Topics

Perspectives on Mobile Analytics

L;;Try These Three Mobile Marketing Analytics Practices;;;;;
L;;3 Steps To Sculpting An Effective Customer Journey On Mobile;;;;;
L;;Build vs Buy, What is the Best Analytics Solution?;;;;;
L;;Video: Mobile Marketing Analytics;;;;;
L;;Finding Better Mobile Analytics;;;;;
L;;Mobile Analytics Startups;;;;;
L;;Getting Started with Mobile Analytics;;;;;
L;;Mobile Marketing and Analytics Hits its Stride;;;;;
L;;Mobile Analytics Real Time Reporting - Not What You'd Expect;;;;;
L;;What You Can Learn From Google Analytics Mobile Reports;;;;;

White Papers and eBooks

L;;eBook: Marketing Metrics & Analytics;;;;;
L;;Mobile Engagement & Retention;;;;;
L;;eBook: The Mobile Analytics Playbook;;;;;

Further Reading