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Mobile App Analytics

Perspectives on Mobile App Analytics

L;;Secret Weapons that Revolutionize In-App Purchases;;NA;NA;;;These games are free to download, but many users shell out a lot of cash for in-app purchases (IAP), like Clash of Clan’s “gems,” which are then used to buy resources or finish upgrades, or “pay to not wait” model which allows users advance through the game that is the current object of their obsession, or pay to unlock stages or other game options.
L;;11 Ways Using App Analytics Improves Your Marketing;;NA;NA;;;Mobile Analytics Summit Recap: How Marketers Can Use App Analytics to Improve Their Marketing and Unlock a Goldmine of New, Highly Effective Marketing Opportunities. 
L;;17 Mobile App Analytics Strategies to Grow Your App;;NA;NA;;;Nowadays, every company has its own key performance indicators and target goals for their business. Capturing data has never been easier, yet the more data we capture, the less we know about how to use it. This is especially true when it comes down to mobile app analytics.
L;;Market like a Pro: Why Measure User Engagement with App Analytics?;;;;;
L;;Build vs Buy What's the Best Analytics Solution for You;;;;;
L;;Mobile App Analytics for Beginners: Where to Start?;
L;;Apple Updates App Analytics Tool for App Developers;;NA;;;
L;;230 Developers and 1.8M Apps Reveal the Best Mobile App Analytics Solutions;;;;;

Mobile App Analytics Guidelines and Best Practices

L;;Best Practices For Mobile App Analytics and Tracking In App Events;;NA;NA;;;What best practices should you follow when implementing a mobile analytics and event tracking SDK for your app? What events and parameters are relevant for an application that allows users to interact/share with one another?
L;;10 Strategies for Better Consumer Engagement;;NA;NA;;;Customer engagement is the process of adding value for users after they've completed a purchase. The most efficient way to improve marketing ROI is to increase the value of each new user. Acquiring users is a challenge in itself, but it's retaining users that many companies struggle with.
L;;Mobile Analytics: A Complete Guide to App Retention and Engagement;;;;;
L;;Slide Deck: Best Practices and Tools for Mobile App Analytics;;;;;
L;;Mobile App Tracking Best Practices;;;;;
L;;4 Best Practices for Improving App Analytics;;;;;
L;;A Soup to Nuts Guide to Mobile App Analytics;;;;;
L;;7 Ways to Monitor Your App User with the Best Analytics Tools;;NA;2017;;;The numbers of mobile users have increased a lot in the recent times. Each user is different from other. This has made the job of company difficult to know all the customers. This is where the data an
L;;A Retailer's Guide To App Analytics: How to Make your Retail App Data Actionable;;NA;2017;;;With retail apps, data is king. But data is only useful if it is actionable, and determining what to measure, and how to measure it, can be challenging. In A Retailer’s Guide To App Analytics, you w

Mobile App Analytics Metrics

L;;28 Metrics That Matter for Your App;;NA;NA;;;You spent the time and money building your app, now you need to start assessing how it's doing. This article breaks out 28 of the most useful metrics into the following categories: user engagement, customer satisfaction, acquisition, and app performance. These metrics are critical to scaling and measuring the success of your app.
L;;Mobile App Analytics: 10 Metrics to Measure User Engagement;;NA;NA;;;By definition, user engagement is exactly what the name suggests. For a mobile app to work well, users should understand its main value proposition to then keep using it repeatedly until it becomes an essential part of their life.
L;;The Must-Have Mobile App Metrics Your Business Cannot Do Without;;NA;NA;;;This article is a summary of the AppInTop mobile app marketing podcast in which AppInTop talked with CTO and co-founder of the mobile analytics company, Paul Müller, and senior account strategist at Google, Stanislav Vidyaev. This summary covers some key facts about mobile analytics.
L;;Mobile App Analytics: The 12 Most Important Metrics to Measure;;NA;NA;;;This article is a summary of the AppInTop mobile app marketing podcast in which AppInTop talked with CTO and co-founder of the mobile analytics company, Paul Müller, and senior account strategist at Google, Stanislav Vidyaev. This summary covers some key facts about mobile analytics.
L;;10 Key Metrics to Measure User Engagement in Mobile Apps;;;;;
L;;8 Mobile App Metrics That Matter;;;;;
L;;16 Metrics to Ensure Mobile App Success;;;;;
L;;9 Mobile App KPIs to Know;;;;;
L;;10 Essential Mobile App Metrics And How To Use Them;;;;;
L;;5 Mobile App Analytics Stats You Need to Stop Ignoring;;;;;

L;;Discussion: What Metrics to Collect for Mobile App Analytics?;;;;;
L;;App Analytics Strategies & Tools;;;;;

Mobile App Analytics Implementation

L;;Tips for Implementing Adobe Mobile Analytics;;NA;NA;;;This blog is a guide to Adobe Mobile Analytics. It is targeted to those already familiar with Adobe Web Analytics. This blog is an accumulation of questions you should ask yourself when implementating a plan for a mobile app using Adobe Mobile Services.
L;;How to Do Mobile Analytics Implementation;;;;;
L;;How to Champion Your Mobile App Analytics Implementation;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics Implementation for Mobile Apps;;;;;

Mobile App Analytics with Google Analytics

L;;How to Use Analytics for Mobile Apps: Google Analytics SDK vs Firebase;;NA;NA;;;This article will give you an answer to the following questions:How Google Analytics works for mobile apps and What are the differences between Firebase Analytics and Google Analytics?
L;;The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Google Analytics For Your Mobile App;;NA;NA;;;This guide will show you how to achieve a flawless integration of Google Analytics and explain why you need Google Analytics for your eCommerce app.
L;;Tracking Mobile Apps in Google Analytics;;NA;NA;;;A large and increasing proportion of interactions with customers is occurring via mobile apps. Thus, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to measure, analyze, and gain insights from all that mobile activity.
L;;How to Measure Retention in Mobile Apps using Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;Tracking Mobile Visitors in Google Analytics: A Checklist Guide for Mobile Insights;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - App / Screen Tracking in Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;How To Simplify Mobile App Data With Google Analytics And Tag Manager;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics for iOS;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Making Marketing Analytics Easier with AppsFlyer’s Pivot;;NA;2017;;;According to AppsFlyer, their new product named is the "first of a new generation of marketing analysis tools, providing marketers with unparalleled deep analysis capabilities, remarkable speed and ease of use." Pivot is dubbed "the next generation of deep marketing analysis."
L;;GTM Tag Setup - Implementation Process Including Data Layer Naming Conventions;;NA;NA;;;Mobile App Analytics implementation process, including data layer naming conventions, guides to send to the app developer and an example of GTM tag setup.
L;;Outbrain: How to Track Mobile App Engagement;;;;; 
L;;Integrating Optimizely Classic Mobile with Google Analytics for iOS and Android;;;;;
L;;App Analytics: Keep Track Of What iPhone And iPad Apps You Use The Most;;NA;;;
L;;GameAnalytics - Mobile App Tracking in GameAnalytics, a Free Gaming Analytics Tool;;;;;
L;;App Analytics in iOS App Store;;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;AWS - Amazon Cloud's Built In Mobile App Analytics;;;;;
L;;Azure - Analytics for Mobile Apps;;;;;

Mobile Analytics Platforms Comparisons

L;;26 Mobile App Analytics Tools For Digital Marketers;;NA;NA;;;Your customers are mobile, are you? Mobile technology has revolutionized digital marketing already. Now, imagine what business would look like five years from now. Knowing how your target audience consumes content is critical, if you want to build a thriving business. 
L;;Best Mobile App Analytics Platforms;;NA;NA;;;Getting the right mobile app analytics platform for your mobile app platform can be tough. Despite ever growing demand for mobile app development capability and mobile optimization services, getting a clear view if what's happening with the app and delivering it in a digestible form to your customers can be challenging.
L;;Best Mobile Analytics Tools;;NA;NA;;;Do you have all your important numbers collected? The number of downloads, the amount of money they brought you, even the most recent opinions on your app. All these numbers can be measured with the help of mobile analytics. So what are the best mobile analytics tools you can use to track the data about how life is treating your app?
L;;Top-Notch Analytics Tools To Track Your App's Journey;;;;;
L;;9 App Analytics Tools Every App Developer Must Know About;;;;;
L;;The 2016 Definitive Guide to Mobile Analytic Platforms;;;;;
L;;The App Analytics Tools Round-Up - Learn How People Use Your App;;;;;

L;;Best Mobile App Analytics Software in 2016;;;;;

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