Resources about tracking and measuring behavior of users playing a game, with the objective of improving game experience or encouraging conversion/upsale.

Game Analytics

Perspectives on Game Analytics

L;;Your Gaming Analytics are Misleading;;NA;NA;;;Today’s gaming companies are metrics fanatics. They measure CPI, CTR, DAU/MAU, day-1/7/30 retention, churn, and many other KPIs. Having numbers, charts, and projections on a whiteboard (or on enormous LCD screens in the more successful gaming companies) is impressive, but do these metrics enable you to grow your business at a faster pace?
L;;The Next Level Of Game Analytics: Biometrics;;;;;
L;;TeradataVoice: Video Game Analytics: Not Child's Play;;;;;
L;;Build a Mobile Gaming Analytics Platform;;;;;
L;;Set of Reasons to Consider in the Decision to Build or Buy Game Analytics;;;;;
L;;Mobile Game Analytics - with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics;;;;;
L;;Gaming Analytics: How to Get the Most Out of Your Data;;;;;
L;;Actionable vs Vanity Analytics - How to Get Active With Game Analytics;;;;;

How To

L;;A Guide to Gaming Behavioral Analytics;;NA;NA;;;In the fiercely competitive gaming world, every second matters in the battle for players' attention and retention. This guide explains how to track metrics that matter.
L;;How To Calculate Video Game Customer Lifetime Value;;;;;

Case Studies

L;;Conference Session: Mobile Game Analytics - Miniclip's Story;;;;;
L;;Building better games faster with in-game analytics;;;;;


L;;Mobile Game Analytics - Example for a Real Mobile Game, Ancient Blocks;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;; - Data Models & Code Samples for Gaming Analytics;;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Google Play - Google Player Analytics Brings Data To Video Games - InformationWeek;;;;;

Academic Papers and Books

L;;Book: Game Analytics - Maximizing the Value of Player Data;;;;;

Further Reading