Resources about tracking and measuring traffic and user behavior in content, news or media websites.

Content and Media Analytics

Perspectives on Content and Media Analytics

L;;When Your Content Isn’t Just Popular – It’s Viral!;;NA;NA;;;Most media analysts are still tied to the traditional content performance measurement – which means measuring popularity. What’s popular? The thing is, measuring popularity is not enough. It’s old news by now. What if you want to know the effects of your content now, or at least in the very near future?
L;;9 Ways To Drive Traffic To Blogs, Websites And Videos Without Busting The Budget;;NA;2017;;;Driving traffic to an online business requires a different approach than that of offline businesses. Online business owners still need to get in front of the consumer. But they are doing so in a virtual environment.
L;;Content KPIs, Goals And Insights;;;;;
L;;What is Content Analytics?;;;;;
L;;What Sort of Articles Doubles Your Website Traffic?;;NA;2017;;;Having a popular blog is a crucial medium for online marketing. It enables you to facilitate yourself with a wide range of income sources such as: Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing.
L;;What is Content Amplification?;;;;;
L;;Content Intelligence: The New Frontier of Content Marketing Technology;;NA;2017;;;We live in an age where science fiction ever more quickly becomes science fact. Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing industries across the developed world, from retail to fina
L;;Best Way to Get More Traffic and Shares? Add Long-Form Content;;;;;
L;;Right Ways to Optimize Content for more Organic Traffic;;NA;2017;;;Content marketing is sometimes seen as an opposing force to SEO. Making the content all about the customer rather than the search engine is a good idea. The early 2000s was full of content written jus
L;;Why Content Analytics Will Tell You A Lot More Than Business Intelligence;;;;;
L;;How Do TV Marketers Use Data to Target Individual Households for Their Ads?;;;;;
L;;What is Content Analytics & Who Needs It?;;;;;

How To

L;;18 Ways To Create A Content Strategy That Actually Drives Traffic;;;;;
L;;7 Tips to Convert Blog Visitors into Customers;;;;;
L;;How to Optimize Content: The Essential Checklist;;NA;;;
L;;A Step-By-Step Playbook for Writing Content That Ranks on Organic Search;;;;;

Case Studies

L;;4 Case Studies on How to Grow Your Blog Traffic;;;;; 

Specific Technologies

L;;A Complete Solution for Successful Content Analytics;;NA;NA;;;The key to your digital growth is understanding your audience behavior

Product Comparisons

L;;The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools;;;;;

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