Resources about tracking clicks and interactions on bulk emails sent to users, and measuring the effectiveness of email marketing.

Email Analytics and Click Tracking

Perspectives on Email Analytics and Click Tracking

L;;A Data Story about a Trip That Begins with an Email;;NA;NA;;;n the digital age, when everything is measured, we must ask ourselves: Are we measuring email campaign effectivity enough?
L;;Email Analytics - The 6 Email Marketing Metrics & KPIs You Should Be Tracking;;;;;
L;;Has Email Marketing Engagement Arrived with Open Reach?;;;;;
L;;Email Marketing Analytics - Tracking, Tagging, Segmentation, Reporting;;;;;
L;;Teaching Yourself to Fish With Usable Email Analytics Tools;;NA;;;
L;;What Is an Email Bounce Rate?;;;;;
L;;Don’t Settle for Average (Email Marketing Statistics);;;;;
L;;Email Marketing Analytics That You Should Watch;;;;;
L;;Drill Down on Email Campaign Analytics Before Choosing a New Email Service Provider;;NA;;;
L;;Seven Basic Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking;;;;;
L;;Email Marketing Analytics: Tracking Metrics & KPIs;;;;;

Email Marketing Analytics Overviews

L;;Email Marketing - Optimise your Emails to Increase Open Rates;;NA;;;
L;;5 Ways to Organize Email Marketing to Achieve Higher ROI;;NA;;;
L;;Email Marketing Analytics - 101;;;;;
L;;Making Sense of Email Marketing Analytics;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Google Analytics - 3 Steps to Measure the Success of Your Email Marketing with Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;SalesForce Pardot - Advanced Email Analytics Overview;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - How To Track Email Opens With Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - Tracking User Interactions in Email With Google Analytics;;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;eCommerce - Campaign Level Email Marketing Metrics that eCommerce Companies Should be Tracking;;;;;

Services and Consultants

L;;Email Marketing Services - Adam Dince;;NA;2016;;;Email Marketing - Adam Dince - Digital Marketing Veteran (SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social and more) Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach highly targeted audiences. Additionall


L;;mailspice analytics - Email Marketing & Newsletter Analytics Add-On;;;;;

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