Resources about technology used to analyze event data and extract insights about the behavior of users on websites, mobile and other platforms.

Online Behavioral Analytics

Perspectives on Online Behavioral Analytics

L;;Understanding the Tech of Behavioral Analytics;;NA;NA;;;We use data to store anything from financial information, such as transactions and customers details, to weather and demographic statistics. But how do we store what people do online as rows and columns?
L;;The Path to Analyze Unexpected User Behavior;;NA;NA;;;The best and probably the only way to reveal unpredictable behaviors and anomalies – is to perform deep, advanced behavioral path analysis, that goes beyond users flow maps, and designed to reveal unexpected behavioral patterns in the users’ journey across the app or website.
L;;4 Ways Behavioral Targeting Is Changing the Web;;NA;NA;;;This article discusses behavioral targeting and the biggest effects that targeting will have on the web as we know it.
L;;Behavioral Targeting - Overview, Examples and Tips to  Properly Segmenting Your Audience;;NA;NA;;;This article provides introduction and examples to behavioral targeting.
L;;Behavioral Targeting - Overview;;;;;
L;;Behavioral Analytics - Attack Fraud, Cyber and Financial Crime;;NA;2017;;;I was looking over my blog archives the other day and read this chestnut from December 2015: “With the introduction of EMV in the US, both [card not present and application fraud] are up – especia

L;;Predicting Customer Behavior with Analytics;;;;;
L;;Modeling Customer Behavior with Analytics and Big Data;;;;;
L;;Behavioral Analytics: What They Are and and When to  Use Them;;;;;
L;;User Behavioral Analytics Tools Can Thwart Security Attacks;;;;;
L;;Behind the Scenes of Behavioral Advertising;;;;;
L;;Measure Actual Customer Behavior Using Big Data Analytics;;;;;
L;;Explore The Strategy of Behavioral Marketing;;;;;
L;;The Best Is Yet to Come - Predicting Customer Behavior With Data;;;;;
L;;Customer behavior analytics: Leveraging big data to form smart brand;;;;;

L;;Gartner UEBA Report: New Trends in Behavioral Analytics;;;;;

How To

L;;Customer Behavior Analytics: A Short And Complete Guide;;NA;NA;;;In this article you will find 4 steps you need to follow to get the useful customer behavior data that is going to really move the needle.
L;;Exhaustive Guide for Product Managers and Product Marketers - Understand User Behavior;;NA;;;
L;;4 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of User Behavior Analytics;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Learn All About Users in Google Analytics.;;;;;


L;;MIT Executive MBA Program: Predicting Consumer Behavior with Data Analytics: Example Show of Hands Mobile App;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;The App Analytics Tools Round-Up - Learn How People Use Your App;;;;;

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