Resources about how predictive analytics technology can help marketers predict user behavior to optimize marketing efforts.

Predictive Analytics for Marketing

Perspectives on Predictive Analytics for Marketing

L;;Next Best Offer: Customer-Based Predictive Data’s New Frontier;;NA;NA;;;Mainly, companies are depending on old, proprietary marketing and data tools, They’re running in circles, and getting nowhere fast. That’s where predictive analysis enters the picture – a technology tool that information technology director’s are increasingly turning to upgrade customer retention rates, and to maximize customer return on investment.
L;;Exploring The Cutting-Edge: Predictive Marketing Analytics;;NA;NA;;;This article explains how predictive analytics can be used to reach out to the right buyers at the right moment based on the big-data power of predictive lead scoring.
L;;Predictive Analytics In Games;;NA;NA;;;This article provides a look at predictive analytics and what should we expect from it.
L;;How Top Companies Use Predictive Analytics to Increase Sales and Profitability;;;;;
L;;5 Ways to Use Predictive Analytics for Marketing Success;;;;;
L;;Global Predictive Analytics Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2023;;;;;
L;;Exploring The Cutting-Edge: Predictive Marketing Analytics;;;;;
L;;How Businesses Use Data Analytics to Improve Sales;;;;;
L;;How to Make The Most of Predictive Analytics;;;;;
L;;5 Ways To Use Predictive Analytics For Marketing And Sales Success;;;;;
L;;The Problem With Predictive Analytics;;;;;
L;;What is Predictive Marketing?;;;;;
L;;Using Data in Predictive Analytics Helps B2Bs Throughout the Funnel - eMarketer;;;;;
L;;The Top 5 Myths Of B2C Predictive Marketing;;;;;
L;;A Much-Needed Reality Check on Predictive Analytics;;;;;

Predictive Analytics Overviews and Guides

L;;4 Industries Using Predictive Analytics;;NA;NA;;;This article is about how the major industries like Healthcare, BFSI, E-commerce, Travel and Hospitality are using Predictive Analytics to boost up their sales and services.
L;;What Is Predictive Marketing, And How Can You Use It?;;NA;NA;;;This post provides an introduction to Predictive marketing and how to use it.
L;;How Organizations are Using Predictive Analytics;;NA;2017;;;Some organizations today are leveraging big data and winning big. In this article, I will be taking a look at how organizations are using predictive analytics and how they are benefiting from it. This

L;;Predictive Analytics with Data Mining:
How It Works;;;;;

L;;Predictive Analytics: The Power Behind Next-Gen Marketing;;;;;
L;;Building a Successful Predictive Analytics Program;;NA;;;
L;;Predictive Analytics Guide - What is Predictive Analytics?;;;;;

Benefits of Predictive Analytics

L;;Why Sales and Marketing Needs Predictive Analytics;;NA;NA;;;This article details the reasons sales and marketing teams should use predictive analytics.
L;;HOW Predictive Analytics is Changing YOUR Business?;;;;;
L;;The 7 Best Uses for Predictive Analytics in Multichannel Marketing;;;;;
L;;The Benefits of Predictive Customer Analytics;;;;;
L;;Predictive Analytics Builds a More Agile Business;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Forget Google Analytics: How To Send Web Traffic Sources To Your CRM;;NA;NA;;;This post is about how to capture traffic referral information in a browser and the analysis and optimizations you can get out of it

Case Studies

L;;Wise Practitioner – Predictive Analytics Interview Series: George Iordanescu at Microsoft;;;;;
Wise Practitioner – Predictive Analytics Interview Series: Afsheen Alam at Allstate Insurance;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;The Top 9 Predictive Analytics Tools for B2B Sales and Marketing in 2017;;NA;NA;;;This post lists the 2017's Best Predictive Sales and Marketing Analytics Tools.
L;;Top 40 Predictive Analytics Tools;;;;;

Services and Consultants

L;;Windsor Circle - Predictive Marketing Platform;;NA;2017;;;Know Which Channels Deliver: with our automated, ongoing analysis of acquisition source and transaction data, retailers can easily identify top performing channels by a range of metrics, including AOV
L;;Decision Analyst - Predictive Analytics & Marketing Research ;;;;;

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