Resources about how data visualization technology can help explore, present and report on marketing data.

Data Visualization for Marketing

Perspectives on Data Visualization for Marketing

L;;The Path to Analyze Unexpected User Behavior;;NA;NA;;;Online user behavior is often surprising and that’s what makes analyzing it so exciting. The behavioral path analysis that relies on events big data, and easily configured, is a very powerful tool that highlights deviations and turns users take from the expected paths, and  reveal behavioral anomalies.
L;;A Brief Introduction to Data Visualization Theory for Marketers;;NA;;;;Marketers work with a lot of data, but how can we present these data in an easily understandable way? This post explores the principles of data virtualization and reasons to use it.   
L;;5 Data Visualization Tips for Better Marketing Reports;;NA;NA;;;
L;;Visualized KPIs Examples for Marketing Managers;;NA;;;
L;;Infographic: 9 Golden Rules of Data Visualization;;;;;
L;;How to Use Data Visualization in Your Content Marketing Strategy;;;;;
L;;Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing;;;;;

L;;Visual Storytelling: Why Data Visualization is a Content Marketing Fairytale;;;;;


L;;5 Of the Best Data Visualization Examples From Content Marketers;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;Data is Beautiful: 7 Data Visualization Tools for Digital Marketers;;NA;NA;;;This post takes a look at seven data visualization tools that can help you make sense of the data you’re working with. 

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