Resources about marketing data integration, a technology used to integrate multiple data sources in order to derive marketing insights.

Perspectives on Marketing Data Integration

L;;Why Data Consolidation Is Imperative in 2017;;NA;NA;;;The explosion of data, coupled with tools used to collect and analyze that data, has fundamentally transformed how we communicate, collaborate and innovate.This post discusses the need for data consolidation as a result. 
L;;Why Data Integration Is the Future of Marketing;;NA;;;This article details why integration of data sources and marketing technologies will be crucial for companies, to successfully deliver relevant customer experiences. 
L;;Three More Data Integration Best Practices that You May Not Know About;http://;NA;NA;;;This post takes a look at 3 best practices you should know while approaching data integration.
L;;Will Location Data be the New Currency of Marketing?;;;;;
L;;Ways to Make Your Data Drive Better Marketing Results;;NA;;;
L;;A Guide to Making Data the Heart of Account-Based Marketing;;NA;;;

L;;Top 4: Marketing Data Integration Benefits | Right On Interactive;;;;;
L;;Data Integration: The Secret Sauce to the Customer Journey;;;;;
L;;Why Data Integration Is Vital for Marketers Trying to Achieve a Single Customer View;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;Choosing the Right Data Integration Tool for Your Business;;NA;NA;;;This post examines 5 types of data integration tools and their compatibility to various business.  

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