Resources about tracking and measuring behavior of users on social media sites, and users arriving to a website from social media channels.

Social Media Analytics

Perspectives on Social Media Analytics

L;;Definition: What Is Social Media Snalytics?;;;;;
L;;Do People Actually Read What They Share on Social Media?;;;;;
L;;The Journey to Multi-Touch Attribution on Facebook;;;;;
L;;Split Testing Content Email And Social Media Marketing Campaigns;;NA;2017;;;How can you make sure that your online campaigns are achieving their highest potential when there are so many factors responsible for their success or failure? And with U.S. digital ad spending reachi
L;;Social Media Analytics;;;;;
L;;The Social Media Analytics Compass: What and How to Measure;;;;;
L;;Effective Social Media Analytics;;;;;

How To

L;;Twitter Ad Conversion Tracking WordPress Shortcode;;;;;
L;;How to track your Tumblr visitors?;;NA;2016;;;It’s time to know if your posts are working or not! How many people read your articles or watch your photos? When? From where? It’s easy to know: just add an invisible, smart and very precise coun
L;;How to Use Social Media Analytics to Create the Best Content;;;;;
L;;Tips For Increasing Engagement On Your Social Media Channels;;NA;;;
L;;Generating Traffic through Instagram;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Preview App - Instagram Analytics Tools;;NA;2017;;;We’re excited to tell you guys about the new Instagram Analytics tools in Preview App! Let me show you what’s in there. I’ll also give you pro tips along the way. If you’re new, let me give yo
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L;;7 Tips to Drive Organic Traffic on Instagram;;NA;;;
L;;Set-up LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Using Google Tag Manager;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - How to Measure Social Media Using Google Analytics Reports;;;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Government - Social Media Metrics for Federal Agencies;;;;;
L;;Facebook - Facebook Engagement Metrics;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;3 Must-Have Tools to Spy on Your Competitors’ Social Media;;;;;
L;;A List of the Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools;;;;;
L;;Top 15 Social Media Analytics Tools - Free and Paid;;;;;
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L;;Social Media Analytics Training Class - San Francisco;;;;;
L;;University Course: Social Media Analytics;;;;;
L;;Social Media Analytics Online Training Course - Monitor, Measure, and Optimize Social Media;;;;;

Academic Papers and Books

L;;Doing Social Media Analytics;;;;;

White Papers and eBooks

L;;What Social Media Analytics Can't Tell You;;;;;

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