Resources about customer experience management, heat map, and session recording tools, used for improving and personalizing customer interaction and for gaining insight into how customers interact with websites (for example, by analyzing clicks/scrolls or recording visitor sessions).

Customer Experience, Session Recording and Website Heat Map Tools

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Perspectives on Customer Experience Session Recording and Website Heat Map Tools

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How To

L;;How to Create a Customer Journey Map;;NA;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;FullStory: Average User Session Stats by Segment;;;;;
L;;How To Use Pulse As A Customer Journey Mapping Tool;;NA;;;

Specific Environments

L;;9 Heatmap Tools and Plugins for a WordPress Site;;NA;;;

Services and Consultants

L;;User Session Monitoring & Recording Solutions - CyberArk;;NA;;;

Heat Map Tools

L;;Sumo Heat Maps - Heat Mapping & Click Tracking;;NA;;;
L;;Top 5 Heat Map Tools you Should Use;;NA;2017;;;Heat map tools help a UX specialist track user activity on specific pages. With a heat map tool, you can analyze user behavior such as the screen elements they attempt to click on (i.e. links, graphic
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L;;20 Heatmap Tools for Testing Website's Usability;;NA;;;
L;;5 Heat Map Tracking Tools to Watch What Your Visitors Do;;NA;;;

Customer Experience Tools

L;;Decibel Insight - A Customer Experience Analytics Tool;;NA;;;
L;;Zarget: Capture and Replay Your Visitor’s Journey;;NA;;;
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L;;Top 5 Tools for Improving the Customer Experience in 2016;;NA;;;
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