Resources about Piwik, a free and open source web analytics application that runs on a PHP/MySQL webserver. It tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis.


Perspectives on Piwik

L;;Introduction to Piwik - Google Analytics Alternative;;NA;;;
L;;Piwik User Reviews;;NA;;;
L;;Is Piwik Government's 'Open' Alternative to Google Analytics?;;NA;;;
L;;Piwik as an Alternative?;;NA;;;
L;;Piwik - A Great Alternative To Google Analytics that Tracks Traffic in Real Time;;NA;;;
L;;Tracking HTTP API - Piwik Reference ;;NA;;;

How To

L;;How to Handle Piwik’s Performance Issues – Boost Reporting Speed and Strengthen Web Analytics Data Security;;NA;NA;;;A free guide on how to maximize Piwik’s performance by tapping into built-in settings, adjusting the infrastructure, improving the database performance.
L;;How to Install Piwik on a CentOS VPS;;NA;;;
L;;Import Large Server Log Files in Piwik and Set a Cron Job to Do It Automatically;;NA;;;
L;;Switch from AWStats to Piwik on a Webfaction host;;NA;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Piwik Access Logs Analytics Tracking Tool - Full Setup on Apache Server;;NA;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Tracking Visits with Piwik Analytics in Rails;;NA;;;
L;;Installing and Configuring Piwik under Apache or Lighttpd on Linux;;NA;;;

Piwik Alternatives

L;;15 Piwik Alternative Sites;;NA;;;
L;;Piwik vs Google Analytics - A Detailed Review;;NA;2017;;;I have reviewed both Google Analytics and Piwik independently before. This report provides the opinion whether Piwik evolved since my last review when it was in its development infancy. Piwik has repe
L;;Piwik Versus Google Analytics: The Advantages of On-Premise Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Take Charge Of Your Stats: Piwik Analytics Vs. Google Analytics;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Piwik - Web Analytics Software ;;NA;;;

Further Reading