Resources about MixPanel - a business analytics service that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them.


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L;;Comparison Between Google Analytics and Mixpanel;;NA;;;

Perspectives on MixPanel

L;;Discussion: What Does Mixpanel Do That Google Analytics Is Incapable of Doing?;;NA;;;

How To

L;;How to Improve A/B Testing with Mixpanel;;NA;;;
L;;Tracking A/B tests in Mixpanel using url parameters (Rails Application) ;;NA;;;


L;;Startup Analytics: Why and How Hubstaff uses Mixpanel;;NA;;;
L;;How CodePicnic Created A Centralized Dashboard with Mixpanel;;NA;;;


L;;Mixpanel Mobile Analytics Alternatives and Similar Software;;NA;;;
L;;Top 15 Alternatives to Mixpanel;;NA;;;
L;;How Does Mixpanel Compare to Google Analytics?;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Mixpanel -  Analytics Platform for Mobile and Web;;NA;;;
L;;Mobile A/B Testing With Mixpanel: Walkthrough and Best Practices;;NA;;;

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