Resources about Chartbeat, a content intelligence and analytics tool for publishers that measures reader engagement and provides data insights for building audience loyalty.


Perspectives on Chartbeat

L;;How Chartbeat is Different from Traditional Analytics Platforms;;NA;;;
L;;Chartbeat Pricing, Features, Reviews and Comparison of Alternatives;;NA;;;
L;;Analytics in Real-Time with Chartbeat Publishing;;NA;;;
L;;Chartbeat Publishing: Real-Time Web Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Real-Time Analytics With Chartbeat;;NA;;;
L;;Chartbeat - Software Review;;NA;;;

Case Studies

L;;Graphical Representation of How Confused People Were During Daytona 500;;NA;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;Time on Site Comparison: Chartbeat vs. Google Analytics;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Content Intelligence for Publishers - Chartbeat;;NA;;;

Downloads and Add-Ons

L;;Chartbeat on the App Store;;NA;;;
L;;Chartbeat Module for Angulartics.;;NA;;;

Further Reading