Resources about Google Content Experiments, a tool that can be used to create A/B tests from inside Google Analytics.

Google Content Experiments

Perspectives on Google Content Experiments

L;;Google Content Experiments – a Good or Bad Feature?;;NA;;;
L;;Why Google Content Experiments Might Not Fulfil Your Testing Needs;;NA;;;
L;;How Google's 'Content Experiments' Can Simplify Website Testing;;NA;;;
L;;A Look at Google Content Experiments;;NA;;;
L;;Google Content Experiments: 12 Must-Knows Before Using;;NA;;;

How To

L;;Step by Step Guide to A/B Testing with Google Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;A Guide to AB Testing with Google Analytics Content Experiments;;NA;;;
L;;Google Analytics Content Experiments - A Guide To Creating A/B Tests;;NA;;;
L;;How to Set Up a Google Content Experiment;;NA;;;
L;;A Simple Guide to Google Content Experiments;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Overview of Content Experiments;;NA;;;

Downloads and Add-Ons

L;;A Plugin for Inserting Google Analytics's Content Experiments Code into WordPress Site;;NA;;;
L;;Module for Creating Google Content Experiments within a Drupal Site.;;NA;;;

Further Reading