Resources about the purpose and the importance of a data science platform for businesses, including examples of various platforms like Continuum Analytics, Adatao and more.

Data Science Platforms

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Perspectives on Data Science Platforms

L;;Data Science Platform: What is it and Why is it Important?;;NA;NA;;;As more companies recognize the need for a data science platform, more vendors are claiming they have one. Increasingly, we see companies describing their product as a “data science platform” without describing the features that make platforms so valuable. This article describes the core capabilities a platform should have in order for it to be valuable to data science teams.
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L;;The Move Towards Data Science Platforms;;;;;
L;;The Purpose of Platforms in Data Science;;NA;;;
L;;Data Science Platforms Seen as Difference-Makers;;NA;;;
L;;Why Businesses Use Data Science Platforms;;NA;;;
L;;What Is a Data Science Platform and Why Does Your Business Need One?;;NA;;;

Specific Environments

L;;Seven Python Tools All Data Scientists Should Know How to Use;;NA;;;


L;;Cooladata: Join Data Across All Your Customer Touchpoints;;NA;NA;;;Integrate your data from any source or database to one single data point – managed and built to scale. Connect the data points across customer touchpoints to understand the steps in each customer's journey.
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