Resources about Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python.

Continuum Analytics

Perspectives on Continuum Analytics

L;;Anaconda Review: The Best Platform for Python Analytics.;;NA;;;
L;; Using Continuum Analytics Conda as a Replacement for Other Toolkits;;NA;;;
L;;Continuum Analytics Using DARPA Funds to Explore Python;;NA;;;

How To

L;;Installing Continuum's Anaconda;;NA;;;
L;;Installing Anaconda Python on DAS’s Cluster, Keeling;;NA;;;
L;;Installing the Continuum Command Line Tools on Another Server or Desktop;;NA;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Continuum Analytics Brings Anaconda Inside Hadoop;;NA;;;

Specific Environments

L;;How to Install Anaconda on Linux;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Leading Open Data Science Platform Powered by Python;;NA;;;
L;;Continuum Analytics: Anaconda Documentation;;NA;;;

Further Reading