Resources about how business intelligence technology is used to aid digital marketing analytics and decision making.

BI for Digital Marketing

Key Topics

Perspectives on BI for Digital Marketing

L;;Business Intelligence For Marketers Resource Guide;;NA;NA;;;Business intelligence tools analyze massive amounts of information to provide important insights into patterns that indicate the desires and attitudes of clients. Marketing teams can capitalize on this information, organizing campaigns that more precisely target the right audience, and gain a better understanding of which initiatives generate the greatest revenue.
L;;Marketing Analytics: The Role of Business Intelligence in Social Media Marketing;;NA;NA;;;Social media provides a wealth of information that marketers can use to understand their target audiences' behaviours and preferences, but it can also be a tumultuous hubbub of thoughts and opinions. To arrive at any reliable conclusions requires vast amounts of data to be analysed and visualised.


L;;Companies Lag in Digital Marketing Efforts;;NA;;;
L;;Big Data Fed to Artificial Intelligence Means Great Marketing;;NA;;;
L;;5 Ways Business Intelligence and Online Marketing Can Work Together;;;;;
L;;Creating a Digitally Driven Customer Experience;;NA;NA;;;
L;;3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Sales and Marketing Efforts;;;;;
L;;Three Ways Using BI Tools Can Help You Get More out of Your Digital Marketing;;;;;
L;;How Business Intelligence and Online Marketing Should Intertwine;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Using Power BI for Tracking Digital Marketing Initiatives;;;;;

Product Comparisons

L;;The 54 Best Business Intelligence Tools;;NA;NA;;;Top BI Software To Help You Analyze Data To Make Smarter Business Decisions.

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