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L;;5 Simple Questions to Ask in Your Hunt for BI Software;;2017;NA;;; Do you need to search for Business Intelligence (BI)? Are you planning to drag your company from the data-dark ages, into the brave new world of data discovery? Here are some thoughts to guide you.
L;;BI Tools for SMEs? Not Just Maybe, But Definitely;;2017;NA;;;Small and medium sized organizations often give up on the idea of business intelligence and corporate performance management, because they believe that the BI tools and solutions are too expensive and complex to implement and that their organizational structure and processes is simple enough to manage without these types of tools.
L;;3 Ingenious Use Cases For Business Intelligence Tools;;NA;NA;;;Business intelligence tools cater to a somewhat different audience, but the same rules apply: with these platforms’ proliferation in the modern business world, companies are inventing new ways to use data analysis and visualization every day. Here are three examples of companies that found remarkably innovative use cases for business analytics software.
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L;;Evolving Capabilities Of BI Tools;;NA;2017;;;The Business Intelligence field has evolved very rapidly in the last few years and with these changes, companies have had to adopt a new strategy of Analytics and Business Intelligence ability. 2017 w
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How To Choose and Implement BI Tools

L;;How to Choose the Right BI Tool for your Business;;2016;NA;;;Most companies understand the importance of being able to accurately consolidate, blend, and analyze their data to better understand what is happening in their business and to help decide what to do next. But many business teams have only scratched the surface of what is possible with data and data analytics.
L;;How to use BI tools to prevent data breaches;;2017;NA;;;We have all heard the horror stories surrounding data breaches at household name companies in various industries. Our shopping preferences, financial habits and even personal health records are being looted at will. Data breaches threaten millions of people, cost billions in lost revenue and goodwill, and represent such a serious threat to a company's prosperity that several industries have been launched to combat the plague.
L;;How to Easily Analyze Your Business Data;;NA;NA;;;Even small and medium-sized businesses have data they could be analyzing to make better business decisions. Business intelligence is not just for corporations and big brands now that there are ready-made solutions for data analysis.
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Product Comparisons

L;;Finding the Right Business Intelligence Tool is Not So Easy;;2017;NA;;;No one knows more about how a business intelligence tool performs in the real world than the customers already using it. All too often, they find that products don't live up to expectations, or that the business intelligence vendor does not support the BI tool properly.
L;;Top Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the market;;2017;NA;;;This article aims to list all top BI (Business Intelligence) products available on the market. It should help interested users to compare and select the best solution for their needs. According to the list of best business intelligence tools prepared by experts from FinancesOnline the leading solutions in this category comprise of systems designed to capture, categorize, and analyze corporate data and extract best practices for improved decision making.
L;;Self-Service BI Tool Basics and a Comparison of Popular Self-Service BI Tools;,2817,2491954,00.asp;2017;NA;;;If the term "self-service business intelligence (BI) tools" makes you think you'll be using spreadsheets for your data analysis and graphing needs, then you're not alone. While Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets have existed now for many years, spreadsheets aren't always the right tools for many BI tasks.
L;;Top Business Intelligence Tools: Analyze Data To Make Smarter Business Decisions;;2016;NA;;;Last updated 08:09h  in by All Things Productivity Cóbhan Phillipson Business intelligence tools (BI tools) are a way for companies to monitor data and generate business insights - necessary components in making smarter, better decisions that drive results.
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L;;8 Leading Business Intelligence Solutions for Data-Focused SMBs ;;NA;2017;;;The concept of Business Intelligence is one I’ve touched on a few times before, and nothing incredibly ground breaking. Essentially, the idea is that through analyzing sets of data and information,
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L;;CoolaData: Time-series Behavioral Analytics;;NA;NA;;;
Turn any complex question you can think of into a query that brings you immediate answers to your most critical business questions. Our queries are custom-built for behavioral analysis over time with a UI, instead of endless lines of SQL code.
L;;SysAid: Built-in BI Analytics Module;;;;;
L;;OTS Solutions: Business Intelligence and Analytics;;;;;
L;;Panorama Necto: Secure and Centralized State of The Art BI;;;;;
L;;eazyBI: The Easiest Business Intelligence Tool on the Web;;;;;

L;;Cognizant: Analytics and BI Industry Solutions;;;;;
L;;Auction Streaming: BI Tools For Auction Websites;;NA;NA;;;Synchronize my current session with this account  This option allows to synchronize your previous actions (list of viewed and saved vehicles on the site) with your account. If this option is disabled
L;;ClicData : Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Reporting Tool;;NA;NA;;;ClicData structures your data, you focus on analyzing it. Bring all your relevant data into one place for better analytics! Take the time and stress out of collecting, analyzing and reporting on data
L;;InetSoft: Big Data Analytics and Dashboard Reporting Solutions;;NA;;;
L;;SQL Power: BI Reporting & Analysis Tool: SQL Power Wabit;;NA;;;


L;;Business Intelligence Training and Tutorials;;;;;
L;;Business Intelligence Training;;NA;NA;;;Improve decision-making capabilities and business performance with Business Intelligence training courses Learn how to use data analytics to make better business decisions with Learning Tree's Business Intelligence training curriculum. With courses spanning topics in Big Data, business analysis, SQL Server and SharePoint, you can gain the skills you need to boost business capabilities through improved metrics and analysis.
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