Resources about real-time analytics, which describe the use of data and related resources as soon as the data enters the system, and techniques and technologies used to perform real-time analytics.

Real-Time Analytics

Perspectives on Real-Time Analytics

L;;One Single Truth: Combining Your BI and Real-Time Analytics;;NA;NA;;;While BI and real-time analytics traditionally fall under the general umbrella of “analytics,” they are still developed and delivered differently. The explosion of Big Data, along with the general growth of data around us, generates great new opportunities for businesses to utilize and leverage data. 
L;;The Power of Real-time User Recommendations;;NA;NA;;;Real-time user recommendations based on behavioral data is an advancement we can all stand behind because it unifies us in our quest to improve business results.
L;;What Is Real-Time Analytics?;;NA;;;
L;;6 Best Practices for Real-Time Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;How to Move Analytics to Real-Time;;NA;;;

Case Studies

L;;Real-Time Analytics at Pinterest;;NA;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;Google Analytics - Analytics Real Time Reporting API;;NA;;;
L;;Google Analytics - About Real-Time;;NA;;;
L;;Druid - Yahoo Casts Real-Time OLAP Queries with Druid;;NA;;;
L;;OLAP - Building an Infrastructure to Support Real-Time OLAP with Dr John Tunnicliffe;;NA;;;
L;;OLAP - Real Time OLAP = TRUE;;NA;;;

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