Resources about the ad impressions metric, which measures how many times an ad placed on a website was viewed by potential site visitors (only some of whom actually click the ad and visit the advertising website).

Ad Impressions

Perspectives on Ad Impressions

L;;We Need A New Way To Define Ad Impressions;;NA;;;By   Nirak on Flickr             It seems simple  but if you really think about it  what is an ad   impression anyway?      The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines an ad
L;;The Definition Of An Ad Impression;;NA;;;The most common unit of measurement in digital advertising is the impression. And  it’s the most common way that digital advertising is bought and sold today. It’s so commonplace that most people
L;;Advertising Glossary: Pageviews vs Impressions;;NA;;;In our last installment of the Digital Ad Academy  we showed you how to calculate clickthrough rates (CTR) by introducing clicks and impressions. Clicks are how many times someone clicks on an ad  and
L;;What is an Ad Impression;;NA;;;I’ve blogged previously about [various] [page-view] [Web] [visitor] [analytics] [visit] [terms] [pages-per-visit]. Almost all of those would be described as **audience** terms — they describe how
L;;Impression;;NA;;;In the context of online advertising  an impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed  regardless of whether the ad has been clicked on or not. Measurement of ad impressions is us


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