Resources about different strategies and best practices in web analytics and how to build an effective marketing strategy.

Web Analytics Strategy

Perspectives on Web Analytics Strategy

L;;5 Capabilities You Need for Agile Analytics;;NA;NA;;;Successful companies are prone to dynamic environments and with these come dynamic needs.  So when on the lookout for new analytics platforms the first thing that comes to mind is agility.
L;;Five Steps to an Actionable Digital Analytics Strategy;;NA;;;
L;;Tried-and-True User Research Techniques to Better Understand Your Website Audience;;NA;2017;;;When creating a website, it’s easy to make assumptions; you are creating it with your own perspective and experiences in mind. You know what you would do in a given situation, what sort of content y
L;;Slide Deck: Web Analytics Strategy - Managing an In-House Analytics Program, and Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Your Product.;;NA;;;
L;;The Truth About Analytics as a Strategy;;NA;;;
L;;Make Measurements Meaningful: How to Create an Actionable Web Analytics Strategy;;NA;;;
L;;4 Business Questions for an Effective Digital Analytics Strategy;;NA;;;
L;;Web Analytics Strategies for Small and Large Businesses;;NA;;;

How To

L;;6 Easy Steps to Build a Web Analytics Measurement Plan;;NA;;;
L;;How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy Using Web Analytics;;NA;;;
L;;Building a Web Analytics Strategy - A Data Driven Approach to Marketing;;NA;;;

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