Resources about MixPanel, a business analytics service that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications, and provides tools for targeted communication with them.


Perspectives on MixPanel

L;;How is Cooladata different from Mixpanel?;;NA;NA;;;Mixpanel is limited in (scope mobile and web only) and forces you to export data from  another data warehouse. Cooladata allows you to capture information from web, marketing campaigns and social channels into a single place for quick and easy analysis.
L;;Discussion: What Does Mixpanel Do That Google Analytics Is Incapable of Doing?;;NA;;;

How To

L;;Integrating Mixpanel Analytics into iOS App for Tracking User Events;;NA;2017;;;Are you wondering which feature of your app is indulging most of your user? Do you know which is the most hit tab of your wonderful app? If you want your app to be loved by your users, you have to bet
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L;;Tracking A/B tests in Mixpanel using url parameters (Rails Application) ;;NA;;;


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Mixpanel Alternatives

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Product Comparisons

L;;Comparison Between Google Analytics and Mixpanel;;NA;;;
L;;How Does Mixpanel Compare to Google Analytics?;;NA;;;

Vendor Information

L;;Mixpanel -  Analytics Platform for Mobile and Web;;NA;;;
L;;Mobile A/B Testing With Mixpanel: Walkthrough and Best Practices;;NA;;;

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