Resources about tracking and measuring behavior of users in eCommerce websites.

eCommerce Analytics

Perspectives on eCommerce Analytics

L;;eCommerce Analytics eBook: Reveal the True Story of the Shopper Journey to Purchase;;NA;NA;;;Analyze data from all customer touchpoints,understand shopper behavior using the most advanced cohorts, conversion funnel and path analysis. 
L;;5 Proven Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Online Store;;NA;NA;;;Without traffic to your website, you won’t be able to sell anything. There’s no point in attracting the wrong customers because they’re simply not going to buy what you have to sell.This post shares 5 ways to get free traffic to an eCommerce business.
L;;Why Ecommerce Needs Analytics;;NA;2017;;;Many ecommerce vendors know they need to break into analytics, but are reluctant to do so. While analytics can be admittedly daunting, data is really just another way of telling a story about your vis
L;;5 eCommerce Conversion Mistakes Sabotaging Sales;;NA;;;
L;;8 Conversion Killing Mistakes on E-Commerce Sites;;;;;
L;;An Introduction to Analytics for eCommerce Websites;;;;;

eCommerce Analytics KPIs

L;;Top 6 eCommerce Analytics KPIs;;;;;
L;;55 eCommerce Metrics and KPIs to Drive 10x Growth;;;;;
L;;32 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for eCommerce;;;;;

Which eCommerce Metrics to Track

L;;Tracking Customers’ Shopping Data: RFIDs, Barcodes or QR Codes?;;;;;
L;;8 eCommerce Metrics You Really Need to Be Tracking;;;;;
L;;The 5 Most Important eCommerce Success Metrics;;;;;
L;;It's Time for a Customer Health Check: 6 eCommerce Metrics to Keep an Eye On;;;;;
L;;What Are the Most Important Metrics for eCommerce Companies?;;;;;
L;;eCommerce Metrics Guide;;;;;
L;;11 eCommerce Metrics that Really Show Your Business Performance;;;;;

How To

L;;4 Ways To Optimize And Get The Best Out Of Your Ecommerce Store;;NA;;;
L;;Tips for Improving the Conversion Rate Optimization of your e-commerce;;;;;
L;;Retaining Customers in Ecommerce: The Superstar Product Technique;;;;;
L;;How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by 50%;;;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;CoolaData: A Complete Solution for eCommerce Analytics;;NA;NA;;;Leverage Data to Increase Conversion and Shopper Loyalty to Gain a Competitive Edge
L;;Google Analytics - eCommerce Tracking Using analytics.js;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - The eCommerce Report;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - eCommerce Metrics to Track Daily Weekly Monthly;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - 10 Essential eCommerce Metrics for Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics - How to Implement eCommerce Tracking;;;;;

Case Studies

L;;Top E-Commerce Conversion Optimization Case Studies - AB TASTY;;NA;2017;;;Here at AB Tasty, we like to think of ourselves as scientists – digital scientists if you will. And like any good scientist, we really love testing. It’s what we do: we examine, we question, we ex

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