Resources about the page views and unique page views metric in web analytics, which measures how many times a page or URL was viewed on a website, in general or by unique users.

Page Views and Unique Page Views

Perspectives on Page Views and Unique Page Views

L;;Why Monitoring Engaged Pageviews Per Visit Offers Major Benefits;;;;;
L;;Page Views Don’t Matter Anymore - But They Just Won’t Die;;NA;;;The page view is a zombie. For years  everyone has been saying it is no longer a meaningful way to measure online popularity. But the publishers who make websites and the advertisers who pay for them
L;;Page View Definition;;NA;;;Each time a user visits a Web page  it is called a page view.  Page views  also written pageviews  are tracked by website monitoring applications to record a website's traffic.  The more page views a
L;;Understanding Analytics: When Is a Page View Not a Page View?;;NA;;;CloudFlare provides a unique view into the traffic data for the sites that use our service. Since all traffic to those sites pass through our network  we log these requests. In a typical minute  we'll
L;;Pageviews vs Hits;;NA;;;You’re reading your latest Web analytics report  but it might as well be Greek. What does it all mean? Here’s a quick primer on hits and pageviews that will help you make sense out of it all. Most
L;;Getting Paid by the Pageview: Good or Bad for Freelance Writers?;;NA;;;So you’re in the process of landing a new freelance writing gig  and during the discussion of duties and compensation  the editor mentions that the publication offers pageview bonuses. The more view
L;;How Many Page Views Do Small  Medium and Big Blogs Get?;;NA;;;I’ve had my blog up for less than 2 months and I’m already getting 25 visitors on average days and around 64 on the days I post something. I guess I’m stuck between the up and coming and loyal f
L;;What is a Pageview? How Are Pageviews Recorded?;;NA;;;A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your site that includes your project. If a visitor clicks reload after reaching the page  this is counted as an additional pageview. If a visitor
L;;The Difference Between Sessions, Users and Pageviews;;NA;;;If you use Google Analytics  you’ve probably seen this before: Then that begs the question: what’s the difference between these three? I’m going to save sessions for last because they’re proba
L;;In Defense of ‘Vanity’ Metrics: Why Pageviews Are Still Important;;NA;;;Editor's note: On Monday  Poynter's Rick Edmonds argued for new ways to measure digital audiences that would replace the widely used unique visitors and page views. In this post  News Corp's Raju Nari
L;;What is the Difference between Page Views and Unique Visitors;;NA;;;Page views are the number of times any given site page is looked at (visited) by all users. On the other hand  unique visitors numbers report how many different visitors visited your site pages. For e

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L;;PHP Program to Find Number of Page Views;;;;;


L;;How I Doubled My Pageviews in Four Months;;;;;
L;;How I’ve Consistently Grown My Blog Traffic To 35,000 Page Views In Only 6 Months Blogging;;;;;

Case Studies

L;;Generating 44,000 Pageviews for Kitchen Worktops;;;;;

Page Views and Unique Page Views in Google Analytics

L;;Get the Google Analytics Page Views for a Directory;;NA;;;I have a blog network set up with the following schema: I'm trying to get active page views in Google Analytics for each blog  so all*. To this  I created an advanced segment in An
L;;How to View Your Top Pages with Google Analytics;;NA;;;Google Analytics is a powerful piece of software that is offered by Google for free. Once installed on your site  it provides valuable visitor data for your organization. This data can then be used to
L;;Finding the Most Popular Web Pages and Page Views in Google Analytics;;NA;;;Unique Pageview -                   Internet Marketing Google Analytics  Google Tag Manager  SEO  Content  Marketing Automation  Social Media  PPC    Technology Mobile  ISP  Hosting  Too
L;;Unique Pageview in Google Analytics;;NA;;;To reset your password  enter the email address you registered with and well send your instructions on their way.   Can you tell me how we can measure Unique page view in Google analytics as
L;;Google Analytics: Page Views vs Unique Views;;NA;;;The page view is a count of each time that a Web visitor loads -- and views -- a particular Web page. Each time that a page is loaded  the Google Analytics code embedded in the page’s code counts th
L;;Google Analytics - Pages: Visits or Unique Pageviews?;;NA;;;Here’s a quick gotcha for you: in Google Analytics  create a custom report with the following details: – dimensions: page – metrics: visits  entrances  unique pageviews and page views Save it. Y
L;;Tracking Website Metrics on Google Analytics Part 1: Visits, Page Views, Time, Bounce Rate, Pages;;NA;;;If you have a website for your business  you must track visitors to your website and what they are doing. There are a number of tools available for tracking this  and the most popular and one of the m


L;;Web-Stat - Live Web Traffic Analytics and Visitor Details;;NA;;;This graph shows the monthly ratio of [ page views ] per [ visitor session ] for your site over a time period of your choice (you can change that period by selecting a different date range from the to

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