Resources about the direct traffic metric in web analytics, which measures the number of visitors entering a website directly by typing the URL or clicking on a bookmark, not via other websites.

Direct Traffic in Web Analytics

Perspectives on Direct Traffic in Web Analytics

l;;Accounting For Your Website Traffic Seasonality;;NA;;;
L;;How to Deal with Direct Traffic Source Data in Your Content Analytics;;NA;;;Your ability to know your audience personally will set you apart from your competition. When you lose your advantage in the marketplace due to a lack of customer insight  a misunderstanding of incomin
L;;Mobile Organic Traffic Reported in Analytics as Direct;;;;;
L;;The Difference Between Direct and Organic Search Traffic Sources;;NA;;;Understanding your website’s traffic is a fundamental step towards optimization.  When updating content  you must keep in mind who the audience will be and which offers will entice them.  Addition
L;;Analyzing Direct Traffic: What Is it?! Why Do I Have It?;;NA;;;I have an unhealthy obsession with being considered the world's BEST internet marketer. This blog is one of the channels I use to demonstrate that. I'm highly active on social media and love a good de
L;;What’s Going On when Direct Traffic Goes Up or Down?;;NA;;;What’s going on when Direct traffic goes up or down? One of the largest sources of online traffic for many brands comes from Direct visits to your website. Direct traffic is one of the few metrics t
L;;3 Things To Know About Direct Traffic;;NA;;;Most serious Internet marketers look at referred traffic and direct traffic data from their websites. But do they really know exactly what those traffic numbers represent? There is much more than meet
L;;Are Your Numbers Lying to You? The Trap of “Direct” Traffic;;NA;;;If you’re committed to digital marketing for your business  then you must already check Google Analytics for how each campaign and channel is performing.   Not quite up to this part yet? Then you’
L;;Direct Website Traffic Explained;;NA;;;Direct traffic is essentially the simplest type of website traffic. It consists of any visitors who go to your website directly instead of getting there through another channel. For example  if a user

Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

L;;7 Factors that Could Be Skewing Direct Traffic in Google Analytics;;NA;;;The common definition of direct traffic is when visitors reach your website by typing in your website’s URL or having a page of your site bookmarked. This group of visitors should be understood very
L;;What is Dark Traffic?;;;;;
L;;What Is the Direct Traffic Metric in Google Analytics?;;NA;;;Google Analytics is great about categorizing traffic from various sources  so you can see it at a glance. How much of your traffic comes from social networks  versus how much comes from organic search
L;;Google Analytics and the Four Kinds of Traffic Your Web Site Receives;;NA;;;Your first look at a Google Analytics report can be daunting. So many numbers! And some concepts you may not be familiar with. I remember showing a report to a senior-level VP on a consulting job. She
L;;5 Clever Hacks to Understand Your Google Analytics Direct Traffic;;NA;;;As a growth focused online marketer  you probably pay a fair amount of attention to your customer acquisition channels.  Knowing which channels perform the best helps you decide where to focus your ma
L;;Decoding Google Analytics: What is Organic v. Referral v. Direct Traffic;;NA;;;Where are my visitors coming from? If you’re a tire dealer or auto repair shop with a website  you understand that this is an important question to ask. The trick is to find the answer! At Net Drive
L;;(direct) / (none) Traffic in Google Analytics;;NA;;;This is a vexing subject for clients because the majority of traffic is relegated to this nebulous label  and there are no good explanations from Google. (well there may be a good reason for that) Let
L;;Google Analytics “Direct” Traffic is “Unknown” Traffic;;NA;;;Google Analytics Direct traffic is Unknown traffic While listening to an interview with an analytics vendor the other day  I heard a phrase that is too often repeated and can be summarized as … we

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