Resources about the page time viewed/page visibility time/page view duration metric in web analytics, which measures the amount of time a visitor spent on a specific page or URL in a website.

Page Time Viewed / Page Visibility Time / Page View Duration

How To

L;;More Page Visibility with GA and GTM - Bending GA and GTM to my will;;NA;;;My friends Simo and Yehoshua published articles recently regarding the use of page visibility in GTM and GA: http://ww
L;;See How Many Times Your Google+ Profile and Content Have been Viewed by Other People;;;;;
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Page Time Viewed / Page Visibility Time / Page View Duration in Google Analytics

L;;REAL Time on Page in Google Analytics;;;;;
L;;Why is My Average Time on Page (Or Average Visit Duration) So Low in Google Analytics?;;NA;;;Why is my Average Time on Page so Low in Google Analytics?  December 17  2012   Author: admin   I was egotistically checking analytics on my own blog posts yesterday and I was getting a little bumme

Tools and APIs

L;;Mozilla Page Visibility API;;;;;
L;;Wikipedia: Pageview Statistics;;;;;

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