Transforming Data into Revenue with
Gaming Behavioral Analytics

Uncover hidden insights with Power Cohorts, use conversion paths to reveal how players really interact with your game and understand the true ROI of your campaigns with out-of-the-box Player LTV (PLTV) analysis and Player Acquisition Cost (PAC) analysis.

CoolaData unlocks insights at unprecedented speed, clarity, granularity, relevance and scale. Game businesses can instantly convert these insights into actions which drive engagement, retention, monetization and ROI.

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With CoolaData You Can


Connect to A/B testing systems to understand the impact of your user experience on your business goals

Understand what your most valuable acquisition channels are

Slice your players by sign up week and session length to understand the reason behind retention

Understand what are the top-10 paths in your game leading to an in-app purchase

Understand at what level your players are dropping off

Find out the effectiveness of your activity on ROI

Application insights: pages loading time, time between purchases, ideal day/hour for purchases


Cross Game, Cross Platform

Most analytics solutions look at players within the silo of a single game, eliminating valuable insights and slowing down your optimization process. CoolaData understands your players based on all games they play. Furthermore, players are tracked across mobile, social and Web platforms.  You will know more about them and make better and faster decisions.

Analyze and Act in Real-Time

CoolaData analyzes and updates user profiles in real-time so that you can take action immediately: identify at risk users and message them at the first signal of churn.  Surface early indications for downward trends and handle them before they affect your business.


Grow Your Community 

Personalize your users experience based on their actions across your platform.  CoolaData grants you access to the raw level, meaning you can target each and every users to maximize performance.