Behavioral Analytics is what every online or IoT company that depends on user behavior for business growth, should adopt.
It goes deeper to answer the more complex questions such as How do users behave over time? What is their next predicted behavior?  or How to reduce churn and encourage retention?

Behavioral analytics relies on big data, user events collected from all touch-points, consolidated with multiple data sources. Non-sampled, unstructured, free from modeling and pre-planning. Behavioral analytics is the most dynamic analytics providing the unified vision on the whole operation.
That’s powerful.

Advance to behavioral analytics to gain

  • Deeper analytics - quickly analyze and answer the more complex business questions of users behavioral. 
  • Time-series analysis - analyze and reveal user behavior over time, to predict future outcomes.
  • Faster Insights -  Agile, intuitive querying enabling you to get deeper insights far faster.
  • Unlimited Scalability - aligns with your changing business needs and accommodates unlimited expansion.

"We chose CoolaData because it enables us to analyze marketing trends, market and consumer trends and behavior in minutes. CoolaData's ability to give us full view of data from various sources helped us to see the whole picture." Amod Setlur, VP of Engineering, Answers Cloud Services 


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