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Up to 50M events

Web/mobile trackers
Up to 5 integrations
Secure data warehouse
Up to 50M events
All of your data/infrastructure – managed by us
One month free onboarding
Support: via email
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Over 100M events

Everything in Pro Plan
Any data integration
Unlimited Integrations
Over 100M events
5 hours of strategy consulting with data scientist per month
Support: phone, email 24x7
Dedicated Support Manager
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with 5 portal instances

Everything in Pro Plan
Secure Metrics Portal
White Label analytics
Share securely with customers & partners globally
$150 monthly per instance of portal
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Support: phone, email
Dedicated Support Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which plan is right for me?

Cooladata complements any traffic and any scale. We want to cater to companies and help them grow or make more of their insights as they reach scale. The Growth Plan is the right plan for companies that have just launched a product or service and need to take advantage of advanced analytical capabilities to get insights, improve the quality of service and scale their business. The Enterprise Plan is for mature companies that have outgrown basic analytical solutions in the market today and are looking to get a company-wide analytics that is self-service and robust.

How long before I can start seeing first results?

With Cooladata, time-to-insight can be instantaneous. Once you send us events via our event center,  you can see results immediately. (Although it may take few days until you can see trends.) As you load historical data into our system, you can analyze your history right away.

How easy or difficult is it to migrate from previous tools?

Very easy, if you can export your data to CSV or JSON or send us events via our event center.

What is the difference between an event and a property?

It is the difference between the main definition and its details. A purchase is an event. The prices, the item purchased, the delivery method – these are its properties.