Why Cooladata?

Cooladata takes a different approach

The only solution to provide “the complete picture”

Customers we talk to are often frustrated by using multiple analytics products to analyze customer data across mobile, web and social. Prior generations of BI tools helped you understand clicks and page loads for web or mobile apps, but required that you build a data warehouse and leverage separate visualization tools, making the process expensive and complex. This approach was complicated and never provided a full understanding of how your users interact with your business. Now, you can use a single product to capture, analyze and visualize all of your data and easily uncover behavioral insights, increase engagement, reduce churn and grow your revenue.

Your data: streaming in real-time to immediately understand customer behavior

Cooladata is a complete, end-to-end product, designed from the ground up to provide a full picture of your customers’ behavior and their entire journey.. Only CoolaData collects and shows your users’ paths across multiple assets, such as Facebook, mobile applications, and websites. For example, do your users discover your brand on Facebook and then travel to your website? What paths do they take just before purchasing? Where are users getting frustrated, and leaving your application? All the data in one place makes it easy to analyze each and every customer experience and focus on making the right decisions and generate better insights.

A simplified approach to analytics: Just ask any question

With Cooladata, all you need to do is stream, batch or upload and immediately start to analyze your data at scale. Our self-learning capability facilitates flexibility and allows you to ask any question, using our “English language” (CQL language) designed to uncover user behavior.  We created a seamless event mapping capability so anything you change is automatically tracked in Cooladata and is ready for analysis on the fly. If you are data savvy, you can write SQL queries in Cooladata. If you just want the data, use our pre-built dashboards or just ask any question. Example: what day and time do most of my sales occur? OR What content drives the most user traffic? or

End-to-End Solution, built to scale

From ingesting data to acting upon it, Cooladata does it all: collect events, store them, prepare them for fast and simple analysis, and provides a WYSYWIG interface and user dashboards.

We unify data that is gathered  from practically any source: Facebook Ads, email campaigns such as MailChimp, web traffic, mobile applications and third party applications such as Hubspot, Optimizely, Segment, Appsflyer, Salesforce and many more – all integrated into a single, complete picture so that you can analyze a customer’s entire journey, not just clicks on a website.

Un-silo your data to simplify your decision-making process

No need to invest effort in integrating external reporting tools with your data, or leverage external products for ETL. Spend your time gaining insights and solving problems for your business and not on managing data – we do that for you. Save time & money, get what you need immediately.

Just send events to us, we will manage them for you and provide quick and valuable insights about user behavior, what drives conversion and user retention. With Cooladata, you are up and running in 1 hour compared to weeks or months.

Problems we solve:


Understand every user’s journey and when and how to monetize it.


Uncover where, when and why you are losing users.


Empower your team to optimize your product based on user behavior— stop guessing and allow data to drive your decisions.

Content optimization

Understand what content attracts new users, is highly viral and drives users to convert – all in real-time.

Real-time Analytics

See what users love and hate instantly.


Focus campaigns and engagement actions on specific users—not sample data.

A/B Testing

Experiment and optimize campaigns and new features easily and continuously.

Visualization & Insights

Empowers everyone—executive, product, marketing and data scientists—to visualize and discover new user insights.

BI as a Service

Scalable, flexible, powerful platform with all of your data, KPI’s and analytics managed for you.