CoolaData transcends BI, with a cloud-based behavioral analytics infrastructure


CoolaData covers all infrastructure components for cloud-based analytics and data warehousing; it helps companies boost agility and decrease time-to-insight when compared with homegrown or competitive solutions.

CoolaData makes it easy to collect and store data while giving you the powerful tools you need to analyze it.  Our solution tracks user behavior across all channels and aggregates data to help you capitalize on invaluable insights. CoolaData is not bound to structured queries, empowering you with the freedom to ask any business question.

Stay in tune with all your data instantly

 CoolaData is an open data service so we do not limit you to our proprietary tools. You can connect to your data using ODBC/JDBC or APIs, and use your preferred BI and visualization tools. We support seamless access to real-time, analytical, and NoSQL databases.  CoolaData gives you access to the full context surrounding your data. By unifying data from a multitude of external and internal sources and inspecting all of your data as one unit, our platform allows you to draw comprehensive business insights from a richer analytical framework. 

Understand what your users are doing across all channels

Get to know your customer’s behavior, both online and offline.  Events are user actions, and they are sent to CoolaData in real-time or by batch. They are triggered by user interactions on your website. CoolaData uses events to track everything, including basic clicks and site engagement as well as downloads, video plays, advertising, social network activity, and sales.


Full Stack Data Analysis

CoolaData will help you analyze, visualize, predict and act on your data, without dedicated resources.
Our unique behavioral data service automatically unifies behavioral data with external and internal sources. We crunch, enrich and open your data to business users and operational systems.


 Learn how CoolaSQL can help your business

CoolaSQL is a behavioral extension of the common SQL query language which most developers are familiar with. It's a new SQL syntax we’ve come up with to simply perform advanced Big Data queries. We've created this because our behavioral analysis is performed by examining a sequence of events, while SQL is set-based.


kpiPower KPI's

The power KPI is best used to create a rich grid that can assist the company in monitoring its most important indicators in an ongoing manner. This widget can be adapted for each business based on its specific needs.


cohortsCohort Analysis

Cohort analysis helps the analyst look beyond growth metrics (total number of new/existing users), and learn whether and how users continue to use the game or store or service you offer.


pathPath Analysis

Our Advanced Path Analysis feature enable you to filter paths based on dimensions and user segments.  You can also calculate the time it took a certain user to get from one step of the path to the other.


Funnel Analysis

 The funnel widget is all about conversion rates. Many users arrive at a landing site, but a lot less end up making a purchase or some other desired action.


Fusion Widget

The Fusion widget provides you with the ability to join data from two different widgets in a document and present the joined data using various visualizations. The data is joined on common dimensions from the two selected widgets.



The CQL widget enables the analyst to type in free syntax to generate any query they desire with no limitations. Using the CQL widget, you can query any data source in CoolaData – internal, external, and even a Google Spreadsheet.