February Live Webinars

CoolaData is offering the following webinars this month:

  • Cohort Analysis 101 – CoolaData’s VP of Marketing, Daniella Alpher, will demonstrate how cohort analysis is used to improve retention and draw deep insights from user behavior. Wednesday, February 11th.
  • Funnel Analysis 101 – CoolaData’s VP of Product, Amit Levi, will talk about using funnel analysis to better understand and improve user drop off rates. Tuesday, February 17th.
  • CoolaData’s Event-Based Analytics – CoolaData’s Marketing Manager, Daphna Gal, will demonstrate our event-based behavioral analytics platform and explain how we use CoolaSQL to simplify complex business queries. Wednesday, February 18th.
  • The True Cost of an Analytics Solution – CoolaData Co-Founder, Guy Greenberg, will go over the challenge of building a home grown analytics solution and explain why you’re better off calling us instead… Tuesday, February 24th.
  • True Analytics Use Cases – CoolaData’s Chief Revenue Officer, Amnon Drori, will share three use cases we have recently been involved in. Wednesday, February 25th.

CoolaData’s customers are content, gaming and eCommerce companies processing millions of behavioral events every month. All our webinars are live and we take time for an extensive Q&A session at the end. Meet us online this month, we look forward to seeing you!

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