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CoolaData’s partnership program is expanding yet again. Our latest partner, Kochava, is an important tool for mobile app developers and advertisers, helping them analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Kochava allows advertisers to monitor multiple data sources for user attribution. It tracks the number of clicks, installations and post-install events relating to marketing campaigns. Using this data, developers and advertisers can gain a better understanding of where their users are coming from, their cost of acquisition (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV).

Kochava is integrated with hundreds of mobile publishers and ad networks, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, through its buy-side software development kit (SDK). Kochava’s newest integration with CoolaData allows mobile developers and advertisers to not only view this data, but to also gain deeper insights through our advanced behavioral analytics. Customers of both platforms can now benefit from this integration, which is set up via a simple wizard on the Kochava side, enabling a choice of what Kochava data they want to send into CoolaData for behavioral analysis.

Campaigns By ROI Rate APM Extension Screenshot
CoolaData’s New APM Extension

CoolaData’s new APM (Acquisition Performance Measurement) extension is a great example of how this data can be used to better calculate user LTV over time. APM combines behavioral data with monetization data to provide a better picture of ROI for different user segments. Combining data such as cost of acquisition per user with other fields – like date of registration, install, country of origin, or source – allows for easier tracking of LTV over a long period of time for relevant cohorts. This is very useful, as LTV is not a static number: it changes as the user continues to interact with an app or game. For example, a user may make an in-app purchase shortly after downloading a game, and then wait six months before making another purchase. The user’s LTV changed as time went by and CoolaData’s APM extension, together with Kochava and in addition to our other behavioral analysis, helps track this and calculate a more accurate overall ROI.

“Kochava is excited to provide CoolaData’s advertisers with our best in class mobile app attribution and analytics platform,” said Kochava’s VP of Marketing, Jason Hicks. “With CoolaData and Kochava, advertisers can now take their own data and make actionable decisions to achieve all their key goals.”

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