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RealMatch takes Big Data seriously, that’s why they chose CoolaData to take on behavioral analytics. Collecting tens of millions of data points daily, RealMatch strives to understand the needs and actions of both job seekers and employers, with the goal to optimize job matching, user experience and overall recruitment success.

CoolaData provides RealMatch with an end-to-end behavioral analytics solution including data warehousing and enrichment with an intuitive RealMatch Logoquerying language, to achieve advanced, multi-dimensional analytics for faster insights, which are critical to RealMatch’s revolutionary online recruitment business.

RealMatch offers a job matching technology that connects employers and qualified job seekers in a whole new way. As an innovative online company, RealMatch includes tracking and data collection from many different data points across partners’ sites. The CoolaData Behavioral Analytics was added to handle the complex querying and analysis, for fast, actionable insights.

Behavioral funnel analysis from Cooladata
Behavioral funnel analysis

Once CoolaData was implemented and data scientists realized the flexibility, they rushed to deepen their understanding of the applicants profiles and needs. Using the multi-dimensional funnel analysis, which enabled them to compare new job seekers to returning ones, revealed valuable insights that optimized the job search, matched candidates, and overall user experience.

“Understanding a job seeker’s first time behavior vs a returning seeker is at the core of RealMatch Job Board technology. CoolaData’s funnel analysis made this comparison possible like no other technology we used before.”

The agility and flexibility of CoolaData’s querying and behavioral analytical functions revealed a variety of job seekers behaviors, which enabled RealMatch to analyze what job seekers search for and what they click on after they get the results.
The advanced analysis led to major optimization that increased accuracy of the job board sorting and placement, and improved the matching process of the seekers’ identified profile. All these components had a major impact on churn reduction and improved job seeker retention and satisfaction.

“We understood that the key is to retain job seekers and avoid churn is by constantly analyzing interest points and presenting them.”

RealMatch offers an extensive Business Intelligence (BI) that allows employers and partners to keep a pulse on all aspects of their online recruitment and recruitment advertising networks. The Recruiter Dashboard puts actual job ad performance data front and center, along with predictive data that shows expected job ad performance based on market conditions, such as supply and demand for each job. easy access to vital data such as individual job ad performance, trends in the market, job seeker trends and behavior, and much more.

“We use CoolaData to improve our understanding of how our users interact with our platform, allowing us to make smart product decisions that lead to better results for our advertisers. “
Moshe Kigler, VP Products and Big Data

RealMatch is a classic case of an online company that collects Big data and requires an end to end behavioral analytics solution to obtain actionable data that accomplishes their core business goals.

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