What is Sessionization & Why Should You Care?

Behavioral analytics focuses on how and why users of eCommerce platforms, online games and web applications behave by grouping events into sessions. In today’s blog post we’re going to discuss this common operation, which is called Sessionization.

So what is Sessionization?

A session ID is created and stored every time a user visits your web page or obile application. The Session ID is valid while your user is active. When he or she stops being active, the session expires along with its corresponding ID. Each session has its own characteristics such as overall time, amount of events, country IP, etc. Events are triggered by user interactions on your website and are stored under each session ID. With these session ID’s, you can turn to a business analytics solution such as CoolaData for in-depth analysis of your users’ behavior.

But what if you don’t have these session IDs?

This is where things get a bit tricky, because each session lasts a whole day which means that behavioral insights cannot be produced. For example, the session of a user visiting several times in the same day for different purposes is analyzed as one. The division into individual sessions isn’t done in relation to user behavior. Cooladata – being a dynamic and flexible platform – can take care of the sessionization process, and is able to automatically create the sessions for you according to the idle time that goes by between each event you track.

Now you must be asking yourself: why do I need this sessionization…?

The sessionization process lets you observe how users behave; each session has endless information about your users’ trends and patterns. Important business questions are answered through this process, such as what are the most popular paths our users choose to navigate through? Or, what are the different gaming motivators which lead to virtual goods online vs. on a mobile device?

Answers to these business questions will help you increase conversion rates, lead successful marketing campaigns, detect fraud, improve your product and predict revenues.


Here at CoolaData we apply this to mobile apps and eCommerce platforms. Using behavioral analytics, our customers understand why and how their users behave, as well as predict future trends and errors. We do sessionization!

For further information on CoolaData’s sessionization contact us at webinfo@cooladata.com.

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