Cooladata vs. Building It Yourself

How is Cooladata different/ better?

Time to Deploy and Time to Insight

With Cooladata, all you need to do is implement our trackers or send us your data/files, and you can immediately start to analyze your data at scale.  If you build it yourself, you need to glue the components together, test, tune, and fix…and iterate some more. With Cooladata, you are up in running in 1 hour, compared to weeks and months.


We have spent our careers in Business Intelligence and Behavioral Analytics—it is all we do. We designed and architected Cooladata to be the business intelligence and analytics infrastructure for any online business. Unlimited scale. All your events. Easy to visualize and unlock all your user’s journeys. Auto-adapts to changes in your data and business. Optimized for performance and cost.

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

The cost of maintaining your own Big Data platform is high. Resources are expensive and scarce. The landscape of tools and best practices changes daily. Focus on building your business not your business intelligence infrastructure. We will handle all of that for you.


We have purposely built our platform for behavioral analytics for digital businesses. We have answered millions of “unique” questions and constantly tune our platform to deliver the insights our customer demand. Focus on your users, your questions—we will provide the agile analytics infrastructure to power your business.

Maximize the value of your data team

Cooladata removes the mundane from the data team. Focus them on discovering data insights for your business, not on ETL, schema changes, optimizing databases, or queries.

Built for behavior

Cooladata’s behavioral capabilities are far superior in their depth, breadth, and ease of use compare to what you would do build on your own.


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