Frequently Asked Questions

I am thinking of building my own solution, why should I use Cooladata?

We built our behavioral data service based on best practices that you will benefit from, while maintaining full control and accessibility over your data via our UI or API, or our SQL interface with behavioral extensions. CoolaData is your business cloud data service. Also, when it comes down to Total Cost of Ownership and time to market, the cost of developing in-house is high and usually requires a dedicated analytics team. CoolaData will save those costs so that the return on your investment in analytics is higher. Our expertise and out-of-the-box solutions will save you time.

Which Plan is right for me?

Cooladata compliments any traffic and any scale. We want to cater companies and help them grow or make more of their insights as they reach scale. Starter plan is the right plan for companies that had just launched a product or service and need to take advantage of advanced analytical capabilities to get insights, improve the quality of service and scale their business. Growth  is for mature companies that had outgrown basic analytical solutions in the market today and are looking for to get a company wide analytics that is self service and robust.

How does Cooladata help me identify trends?

Our trend analysis will analyze and visualize the use of your product and users’ behaviors over time, so that you are aware of business trends such as the acquisition of new customers, loyalty, monetization and churn. You’ll then set time-based KPIs to keep track of them.

How will Cooladata identify my most valuable customers?

We have a variety of tools to do that – our path analysis is a great tool for identifying valuable customer segments, learning what they have in common and understanding their preferences. Our Power Cohort widget can also aggregate value-based actions (and not just count numbers of users), bucketing the value that a customer or a cohort created for your company over periods of time. Our Ranking widget will rank customers by revenue and you can use our Segmentation widget to build complex segments based on a wide variety of parameters.

How scalable is Cooladata?

CoolaData automatically and dynamically scales from small volumes to huge amounts of data with no work on your side. You can start small, but we can also handle millions of users and billions of events.

How long before I can start seeing first results?

With Cooladata, time-to-insight can be instantaneous. Once you send us events via our event center,  you can see results immediately.  Although It may take few days until you can see trends. As you load historical data into our system, you can analyze your history right away.

How easy or difficult is it to migrate from previous tools?

Very easy, if you can export your data to CSV or JSON or send us events via our event center.

How much does the service cost?

Cost varies by scale. Our pricing is simple, based on the number of monthly events you generate and the complexity or functionality required to answer your business questions. Please contact

What kind of technical resources do I need to have?

Your company will need to define the events and properties you want to send us. You will require access to a developer if you plan on implementing one of our SDKs, or you can simply load files to a cloud bucket we create for you. You will not need any technical resources once your set up is complete. If you would like to write CoolaSQL queries, you can use our ODBC-JDBC from any tool, such as Excel, and you can use any language you prefer if you want to develop your own programs accessing our API.

What is the difference between an event and a property?

It is the difference between the main definition and its details. A purchase is an event. The prices, the item purchased, the delivery method – these are its properties.

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