Behavioral Analysis Made Easy

You became a data analyst to query, study and draw insights,
not to manage a data warehouse. Leave that to us. Cooladata
offers a fully-managed, end-to-end data warehouse optimized
for time-series analysis. Get all the power
and flexibility of an on-premise data warehouse for a fraction
of the cost. Perform ad-hoc analysis of all your data to answer
complex questions in seconds, without writing long SQL queries.

All your data in one place

Cooladata lets you import structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from virtually any source.


Connect to any external database, from Redshift to BigQuery to MySQL. Stream from all the platforms you already use, like AdWords, Facebook, MailChimp and Salesforce, or build custom integrations through our API. Add our mobile SDK’s (Android and Apple). Plug in third-party trackers like AppsFlyer and Kochava. You can even import CSV and JSON files.


We automatically combine every source’s unique ID into a Cooladata Unique ID (CUID), for a unified understanding of each user’s journey across all your platforms.

Trust your data

Give your business leaders better insights in less time. Unifying your data will be the first step toward spotting and fixing inconsistencies. Cooladata stores all your raw data and events in Google BigQuery, for a single, normalized and synchronized source of truth. Your data is available in real-time, and Cooladata makes it easy to monitor it, audit it, replay it, find errors in it, and clean it up. Goodbye ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ Hello ‘complete confidence.’

Deliver insights faster

While you’re busy making sense of your data structures and calculating large datasets, your teams are waiting for you. Or maybe they’re acting without your conclusions. That’s an uncomfortable experience. Let us help. We mask the physical layers of your data structures, so you can just select the data you need directly from us. If your calculation needs extra muscle, we’ll dynamically add servers in the background.

Spend 80% less time writing SQL queries

If you’ve ever cursed the inflexibility of SQL, we’ve got you covered. Answer nuanced questions for each line of business with CoolaSQL (CQL), our proprietary extension of SQL that simplifies the data-query process. CQL allows for easy analysis of behavioral patterns and on-the-fly modifications, and supports powerful proprietary clauses, functions, and special fields. CQL excels at examining sequences of events for detailed answers to specific questions.

Plug in pre-built essentials

How does your business calculate standards and benchmarks such as customer lifetime value, retention, and churn? The best choice varies across industries and verticals, leaving many data analysts to start from scratch. That’s a waste of time. We’ve distilled our data scientists’ decades of collective industry experience to formulate the correct queries and benchmarks you need for your business. What’s more, we provide out-of-the-box widgets for the most common queries, including path analysis, cohort analysis, funnel analysis.

Share data with your teams easily

Each of your teams needs a different set of answers in a different format. Instead of burning hours preparing data for analysis, use our drop-in report templates, export it in a format ready for a data-science framework, or customize your elements, algorithms and visualizations, and deliver the exact data your teams expect, every time.
 Save even more time by automating the process and sharing the reports by partner portal, email, or SMS. All while keeping full control over each individual’s permissions.