CoolaData integrates with DBeaver SQL client to join data stored there and unify your view with data from additional sources.


Cooladata integrates with Tableau to enable a variety of reports and visualizations for data analysis. Choose to connect using our query API or our ODBC driver.


With CoolaData you can connect using R in order to build statistical and advanced data mining models. You can then run CoolaSQL, a behavioral extension to the SQL language, in the form of a cohort, path or funnel to retrieve sample data for training your models.


Access all of your data on demand and with any tool via JDBC drivers. All your data is open and readable and can be accessed from anywhere using secure connections.\

CoolaData JDBC driver allows you to query your data on CoolaData using external applications. It can be integrated with any visualization tool to run over the data stored in CoolaData.
Installation varies between applications. Download the latest version of the driver here:  https://github.com/cooladata/JDBC

Special URL parameters

The following applies to all apps;

The connection URL for CoolaData’s JDBC is: jdbc:gdata:sql//app.cooladata.com/v2/{PROJECT_ID}?{params}
For special functions you can append the following params to the connection URL:

  • Escape Quotes: If your query engine adds double quotes to sql queries, add escapeQuotes=trueparameter to connection URL.  This flag deletes all double quotes from SQL queries since CoolaData server works with table and column names without double quotes. For example:
  • Date format: If dates in query results should be presented in GMT timezone (UTC time), add gmtTimezone=true parameter to connection URL. This flag changes default timezone to GMT. Please note: restart for query engine is required after removing gmtTimezone parameter from JDBC URL. For example:
  • Log file and debug level: If you are asked to get a log of what exactly the driver execute and process, you can specify a level of debug and a log file that all debug data will be written to it. add loglevel=debug&logfile=[file path] parameters to connection URL. Please note: using the log file will slow down performance of the driver as it writes a lot of text. For example: