Join Data Across All Your Customer Touchpoints

Integrate your data from any source or database to one single data point – managed and built to scale. Connect the data points across customer touchpoints to understand the steps in each customer's journey.

All Your Data Connected

Stream internal data such as mobile and web event data and join it with external data points, such as AdWords marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads, your CRM, offline sources or customer historical data from external databases. Unify all your data across different data sources to better understand customer behavior and the story they are telling you.

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A SaaS Warehouse Built to Scale

A fully managed data warehouse designed for scalability can grow with you from thousands to millions of customers, seamlessly integrating millions of events from multiple sources. No need to commit to a pre-defined path of growth beforehand – our solution is built to scale.

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All your data sources in one place, so you can focus on understanding customer behavior.

We transform your raw data queries into valuable real-time insights you can quickly act on.

A Unified View of All Your Data

Every company has many customer touch points from web, mobile, campaigns and marketing automation. To fully understand these points, Cooladata streams, unifies all this data and stores it in one place, giving you a customer-centric view based on all data fragments.

Monitor Customer Activity in Real-Time

Cooladata makes your data immediately available. We help you monitor campaigns and site visitors in real-time so you can act on insights immediately. Measure virality or monitor weak points in your campaign or product and optimize it on the fly.

Fully Managed Analytics Infrastructure

Full-stack scalable solution that handles big data. It’s not just a buzzword. Cooladata handles billions of events and empowers you to focus on insights rather than infrastructure. Cooladata provides cost optimization that is built into our infrastructure while keeping all your raw data ready for any kind of analysis.

Data Optimization for Better Querying

Via materialized views and aggregated tables, you can run queries and save them as a table for quick retrieval or execute queries from various sources to greatly facilitate cost efficiency. Cooladata automatically learns which are the running queries, builds a view that will subsequently run, making it faster, cost efficient and hassle-free.

CoolaData provided us with a complete end-to-end solution,” said 90min CEO Asaf Peled. “It offered the fastest time to market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.

Asaf Peled, CEO at 90MIN
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A Complete Solution for Game Analytics

Your KPIs give you only the headlines about your players. You need the full story to understand player behavior and accelerate business growth. What were the steps your players took before conversion? Did they enter or leave the game room or collect a win?

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Why You Need Analytics Early in Your Product Lifecycle

Fibiz is a fun trading platform, with many users and masses of generated user events data, from day one of their beta launch. They implemented Cooladata’s full stack behavioral analytics and started analyzing their user behavior before their next stage of high growth.

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Rapid Deployment of Behavioral Analytics

In this webinar hosted by TDWI, we explore the different aspects of Behavioral Analytics; The characteristics necessary for a data warehouse environment, the factors that would influence a buy vs. build decision, and options for rapidly deploying advanced behavioral analytics system.

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