Cooladata’s integration with HubSpot empowers marketers to understand the entire user journey, from when the initial email campaign is sent to when the user converts. Critical email campaign decisions can be made based on a deeper time series analysis of email campaigns.

Analyzing Hubspot raw data with Cooladata advanced analytics gives you the ability to ask the more complex questions and get fast insights:

> What is the optimal time to send emails (grouped by region) ?
> What is the most valuable segment of customers that respond best to last minute offers?
> What is the ultimate frequency of email campaigns to send monthly for best open and click rates?

Email marketing should be based on the history of the user’s email journey. That is what Cooladata’s HubSpot integration delivers.

About Cooladata
We make it easy to track, capture and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them in actionable insights to improve engagement, retention and monetization. Built to collect data from any source. Cooladata’s big data infrastructure covers all components from tracking, managed data warehousing, and ETL – all the way to the visualization layer.
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