Which of my campaigns brought the most traffic to my site?

You want to know which of your campaigns draw in the most users.

SELECT install_source, 
       cnt1 , 
              Concat(String(100*pct) , '%') AS percent_from_total 
FROM   ( 
                SELECT   install_source, 
                         cnt1 , 
                         Ratio_to_report(cnt1) OVER () AS pct 
                FROM     ( 
                                  SELECT   install_source, 
                                           Count(*) AS cnt1 
                                  FROM     ( 
                                                    SELECT   install_source, 
                                                    FROM     accounts 
                                                    GROUP BY install_source, 
                                                             customer_user_id ) 
                                  GROUP BY install_source 
                                  ORDER BY cnt1 DESC ) 
                ORDER BY cnt1 DESC ) limit 5
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