A Complete Solution for Successful Content Analytics

The key to your digital growth is understanding your audience behavior

Move beyond measuring clicks and shares

Start analyzing your users. After all, it’s your users who decide what content they consume.

Drive revenue and business growth

Measure your content’s real performance

The number of pageviews and unique visitors still matter, but completion rates, virality, and subscription rates give you a better understanding of how users engage with your content.

Drive revenue and business growth

Drive retention with content stickiness

Think of your user engagement as a type of currency. Identify which content engages your audience the most. Gain insights into how to encourage users to continue reading, purchase a subscription, or convert.

Drive revenue and business growth

Identify and target users with the highest LTV

Why do some users have a higher LTV than others? Why do some users remain loyal after a week while others don’t? Reveal patterns in user behavior and adjust your marketing and advertising budgets accordingly.

Drive revenue and business growth

Capitalize on user behavior

Which users have the highest acquisition costs, ARPU, and ROI for each campaign? Aggregate and analyze the right data to highlight the most important monetization metrics.

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Discover your users’ content journey

Identify the journey users take to consume a certain category or article and their most popular entrances and exit pages. Did they wander between categories or did they follow your content suggestions? Stop relying on simple path analysis that relies on predefined assumptions. Define the steps you wish to know more about to answer the critical business questions you need for fast growth.

Analyze user retention over time

If you want insights into how to increase loyalty and user retention, you must analyze your retention rate over time. After drilling down further to see that a specific type of user shares the most, you might decide to encourage these users to share even more.

“We chose Cooladata because it empowers our partners to analyze consumer behavior within minutes and respond to any complex business question in real time. Cooladata’s strength lies in its ability to share and embed these reports, enabling us to offer partners full transparency into content and product performance.”

Z. Moretzky, Sr. Director of Product Management, Webcollage

“We use Cooladata to improve our understanding of how our users interact with our platform, allowing us to make smart product decisions that lead to better results for our advertisers.”

M. Kigler, VP Products and Big Data, Realmatch
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90min Cashes in with Increased Monetization

After integrating Cooladata’s SDK, billions of event-based data points were automatically collected for 90min in real time from different sources, making them available for immediate analysis.

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Audience Behavior Matters. So Start Analyzing It.

Leverage your data to gain a deeper understanding of your user behavior. What pushes guests to become registered users? How to predict the virality of a certain article? It’s not sources or pageviews that you need to understand. It’s your audience.

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Content Performance Metrics that Lead to Growth

We could ask what kind of content gets the most pageviews, or why that content gets viewed most. To quantify the answers to more significant questions, content publishers must be able to analyze online user behavior beyond just clicks or shares.

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