A Complete Solution for eCommerce Analytics

Leverage data to increase conversion and shopper loyalty to gain a competitive edge

Reveal the true story of your shoppers’ journey to purchase.

Discover unmatched insights about shopper behavior for an ultimate shopping experience.

Drive revenue and business growth

Analyze data across your shopper journey

Easily analyze your complete shopper’s journey to conversion, based on joined data collected across all customer touchpoints — from the first ad click to product view and purchase. With a fully managed data warehouse and advanced analysis toolset, you can focus on an insights-driven shopping experience that leads to optimal conversion.

Drive revenue and business growth

Discover your shopper’s path to conversion

Identify the key behaviors that led to shopper conversions. If they searched for a specific item, how did they phrase their search term? What were the previous three actions they took before converting? Analyze conversions within a specific timeframe to act on any sudden changes in conversion rates.

Drive revenue and business growth

Identify behavior of your most valuable shoppers

Who has a higher LTV: One-time holiday shoppers or shoppers who continue to purchase throughout the year? Which shoppers from your Black Friday offer drove the highest ROI? Identify the behaviors of your most valuable shoppers and segment them to optimize their journey to purchase.

Drive revenue and business growth

Drive higher shopper loyalty and engagement

The moment shoppers add an item to their cart is one that makes or breaks them as a customer. Identifying behaviors that lead to purchasing as well as those that lead to cart abandonment can significantly impact business growth. For instance, compare the behavior of shoppers who viewed items in a particular time period with those who purchased.

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Optimize Your Shoppers’ Path to Purchase

How many shoppers visited the men’s department and also shopped in the sports department before adding products to their cart? Behavioral path analysis delivers key insights into the popular paths of shoppers to discover the most popular one that moves shoppers towards higher engagement and increased conversion.

Identify Behaviors and Act on Behavioral Segments

Query a segment to discover shoppers who made a purchase of over $30 in the last week.  Identify a group of shoppers who churned from a specific marketing campaign and act to deliver targeted promotions to bring them back to their cart. Compare the behavior of different segments with cohort or funnel analysis, or filter the entire dashboard according to a single segment. Creating and analyzing segments can reveal powerful insights.

“Cooladata helped us become a data-driven marketing team, with every decision backed by data, which ultimately provides the most personalized experience for every user.”

David Yitzchaki, Head of digital marketing, Last Minute Travel

“Cooladata gave us a real competitive edge in understanding our customer behavior. The ability to calculate LTV and apply retention analysis on different segments has helped us get the answers we’ve been seeking.”

S. Cohen, Head of BI, E-commerce, everything5pounds.com

“You can literally ask any business question you have. The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer.”

L. Ash, COO, mySupermarket
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The Power of Real-time User Recommendations

Whether you are an Analyst, Marketer, or Executive, one accountability that unites us all is business results. Real-time user recommendations based on behavioral data is an advancement we can all stand behind because it unifies us in our quest to improve business results.

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The True Story of Your Shoppers’ Journey to Purchase

Think of the millions of event data streams collected on your site – each click, download or purchase – as steps in a powerful customer story that
is waiting to be told. As an eCommerce business you just need to connect the data points to understand customer behavior.

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Identity crisis solved! Smart Unification of User Identities

From the moment a customer signs up, his identity is revealed.  We want to be able to identify them as soon as possible, unify that part of the journey with the anonymous part of it to drive the actions creating a personalized engaging experience.

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