Behavioral Analytics for eCommerce BI Teams

Cooladata makes it easy for you to remain clued in and responsive to consumer behavior—at any scale and level of complexity. Map the entire shopper journey from awareness to conversion. Discover the hidden connections and emerging trends in your sales approach. Identify the shoppers with the highest lifetime value and gain the insights necessary to cultivate loyal customers.

Unify all data, online and off

Mapping out the customer journey is complicated. A customer might learn of your brand on Twitter, click on your ad two days later and make a purchase at a brick-and-mortar location a month after that… only to eventually return the item online. Our platform pulls data from each of these events to provide you with a unified view of that complicated buying process where, when and however it occurs.

A fully-managed data warehouse for behavioral analysis

To unify data from multiple sources, you need a data warehouse optimized for behavioral analysis. Cooladata is an end-to-end solution that lets you collect data, handle the ETL, perform ad-hoc analysis of your data in real-time, and create dashboards for every team in your company.

Understand your customer like never before

The customer journey is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. With Cooladata, you can see which choices lead to the best possible outcomes so you can guide shoppers along the way. See which actions motivate purchasing decisions in each product category. Unearth behavioral patterns for various shopper profiles, test your assumptions and make informed changes to your customers acquisition process.

Segment and conquer

Segment your customers based on their behavior, and understand how to target each one of them. Are furniture shoppers more responsive to emails sent in the evening? Are mobile users less likely to abandon their carts? Is a coupon code’s two-week expiration date frustrating potential buyers who took three weeks to consider a purchase? Cooladata allows you to ask any questions about your customers, and get answers instantly.

No more wasted investments

Do you know how much of your advertising spend actually translates into sales? If you’re investing time and money in Facebook, Google AdWords and other paid acquisition channels, you need information about shoppers beyond their traffic source. With Cooladata, you can track buyers across the customer journey in real time, maximizing engagement at every step.

Ad-hoc analysis for every team

Give every team in your company the ability to ask any questions they can think of, no matter how complex, and get instant answers, through an intuitive user interface, without writing code or long SQL queries.

Identify your most valuable customers

What do your most valuable customers have in common? How often do they shop, and in which categories? How did they first hear about your store? What value propositions appeal to them? The answers to these questions won’t only help you determine LTV by shopper segment; they can also shape future promotions—so you can consistently get your brand in front of the people who act like your best customers.

“Cooladata helped us become a data-driven marketing team, with every decision backed by data, which ultimately provides the most personalized experience for every user.”

David Yitzchaki, Head of digital marketing, Last Minute Travel

“Cooladata gave us a real competitive edge in understanding our customer behavior. The ability to calculate LTV and apply retention analysis on different segments has helped us get the answers we’ve been seeking.”

S. Cohen, Head of BI, E-commerce,

“You can literally ask any business question you have. The ability to ask the question is as important as the answer.”

L. Ash, COO, mySupermarket