The Data Platform for Small BI Teams Building Great Gaming Companies

What if you could track, in one place, all your user behavior on every platform,
channel and device? What if each team in your company could get the answers
they need, on their own, and in seconds, not days?


Cooladata’s fully managed data warehouse gives small BI teams in
data-driven gaming companies a self-service platform for everyone to
get the answers they need without writing any code or manually
wrangling multiple data sets.


See how data teams and product managers at leading gaming companies use Cooladata.


Leading gaming companies that rely on Cooladata

Unify All Your Data

When your data is fragmented across multiple platforms, getting the answers you need requires wrangling data manually. This is not only very time-consuming, but it prevents your teams from making data-driven decisions in real-time.

Cooladata unifies all your data automatically and shows you the entire picture of your business. We assemble the pieces of your data puzzle so you can ask complex questions involving multiple data sources, and get answers in seconds.

An End-to-End Solution for All Your Data

Forget about dealing with multiple tools to collect data, ETL it, write queries and visualize it.

Cooladata gives you an end-to-end solution so you can manage all your data from one platform.

Powerful Behavioral Analysis

Cooladata is optimized for behavioral analysis right out of the box. In addition to ad-hoc reporting, we give you game analytics dashboards, reports, event tracking and queries.

With Cooladata, you can automatically analyze billions of events and data points to understand your players like never before. Learn what your most valuable players have in common, the behavior that precedes churn and the right time to make a call-to-action.

Custom Reports for Each Team

Our mission is to help you give the right data to the right people and the right time, so every team can make informed decisions and move your company forward.

Decide who sees what and how: through embedded dashboards, text messages or email alerts.

Harness Our On-Demand Data Team

Our team of data scientists, analysts and developers is here to help your small BI team build a great gaming company.

Need help building data models, answering complex business questions or preparing your data for predictive modeling or machine learning? We got you covered!

Ready for Game Analytics Out of the Box

Cooladata is ready for behavioral analysis right out of the box. In addition to standard visualizations — such as funnels, paths and cohorts — we’ve engineered game industry-specific reports you can use instantly to analyze every stage of the player journey, from acquisition to engagement to retention and monetization.

Dozens of Integrations

Cooladata integrates with all of your event tracking platforms, external databases and third-party tools. Our platform can collect data from Unity, AppJolt and the Apple and Android App Stores, as well as dozens of other sources. Don’t see your preferred tool on our Integrations page? You can connect to any third-party data source through our REST API — or have our developers take care of this for you.

“Cooladata makes it extremely easy to expose super interesting data points we can’t get anywhere else. If you know SQL, you can write raw queries. If you don’t, you can use the user-friendly UI to get the same insights. This platform is highly scalable and the customer support is exceptional.”

Andrew Sharland, CEO, Fresh8 Gaming

“We chose Cooladata because of their deep expertise in gaming and unique ability to bring together all of our customer data. It’s enabled us to eliminate older point products and have a single, centralized view of critical KPI’s and trends that impact our bottom line. Their fresh perspective, combined with our industry experience, has led to some amazing results.”

Phillip Nagy, CEO

Measure your game’s success by unifying your data

Understanding which metrics to track can make all the difference in the long-term success of your game. This is a must-read guide for data-driven product managers looking to optimize their game.

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