A Complete Solution for Game Analytics

Transforming Your Data into Revenue

Your KPIs give you only the headlines about your players.

You need the full story to understand player behavior and accelerate business growth.

Drive revenue and business growth

Understand why players churn

What is the most followed path that led to an in-app purchase? At what game level are your players churning? Identify players that churn and learn more about their behavior to increase player engagement.

Drive revenue and business growth

Discover players' path to conversion

Constantly monitor your conversion and explore it from every angle. Gain instant access to dashboard displays metrics such as average FTD amount and time players take from registration to FTD.

Drive revenue and business growth

Drive revenue and business growth

Integrate your data from different sources to analyze which channels and campaigns give you the highest retention rates and conversion rates of paid users.

Drive revenue and business growth

Target players with the highest LTV

Which types of players are most likely to have a high LTV? Which continue as demo players for what seems like forever? Analyze past behavior to reveal insights that optimize your player LTV.

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Optimize Your Players’ Behavioral Patterns

What were the steps your players took before conversion? Did they enter or leave the game room or collect a win? Combine this path analysis with a specified timeframe to discover new insights for different players and optimize their path to increase conversion rates.

Master Retention and Optimization

You know that long-term engagement is the way to gain an edge in this competitive industry. To do that, you’ll need to understand your player behavior and start building a solid retention strategy. You’ll need the analytic tools to analyze player retention over a period of days, weeks, or any other period of time.

“Cooladata makes it extremely easy to expose super interesting data points we can’t get anywhere else. If you know SQL, you can write raw queries. If you don’t, you can use the user-friendly UI to get the same insights. This platform is highly scalable and the customer support is exceptional.”

Andrew Sharland, CEO, Fresh8 Gaming

“Cooladata provided us with a complete end-to-end solution. It offered the fastest time-to-market and lowest total cost of ownership, while enabling us to answer complex behavioral business questions on the fly.”

A. Peled, CEO, 90MIN
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The 3 Steps to Increasing Player Retention

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