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Resources to track, visualize and analyze data about traffic, conversions and user behavior

This website is a compilation of resources about technology that helps track, visualize and analyze traffic, conversions, and user behavior.

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Web analytics has gone a long way since we monitored server logs and counted the number of "hits" to our web pages. Today's marketing professionals have access to an entire ecosystem of tools that enable tracking and monitoring advanced user behavior metrics, and analyzing that data in new ways to uncover business insights. In addition, digital marketing has expanded beyond websites - to web apps, mobile apps, games, mega content sites and other digital assets that require special types of analysis.

Clickstream analytics solutions like Google Analytics, Webtrends and KISSmetrics, the "bread and butter" of the space, have been complemented by product and app analytics solutions that provide deeper insight into user behavior, such as CoolaData, MixPanel and Chartbeat; customer experience and recording tools like ClickTale and HotJar, A/B testing and conversion optimization tools like Optimizely, and of course BI technologies and data science platforms like Tableau, Qlik, Pentaho and Sisense which help marketing professionals slice and dice, dig in and visualize all this data.

This website will bring together thousands of online resources written by numerous individuals and organizations from different parts of the industry, about digital analytics and BI for digital marketing. It's a collaboratively-edited wiki site that links to resources written by bloggers, media and news sites, analysts, and other vendors. The site is built and operated by CoolaData, an event-based behavioral analytics and BI platform - but it is a vendor-agnostic platform containing all the information we could find that would help the marketing and analytics community learn.

Key Topics in Web Analytics & BI

This wiki includes resources on the following main topics. Each topic includes an entire tree of subtopics covering different aspects:

Web Analytics Concepts

Analytics strategy, analytics aspects of conversion rate optimization, web analytics and usability testing, data visualization in web analytics, and more.

Web Analytics Metrics

Definitions and in-depth discussions of common metrics like sessions, time on site and bounce rate, and key web analytics concepts like conversion goals, in-site search, attribution models and micro-conversions.

BI for Digital Marketing

Using BI for advertising, online behavioral analytics, BI for content strategy, marketing dashboards, using BI for personalization, and more.

Specialized Digital Analytics

Analytics systems providing niche solutions for mobile analytics, eCommerce analytics, game analytics, content and media analytics, SEO/PPC/SEM analytics, email analytics, social analytics, and more.

Digital Analytics Technologies

Includes a dedicated page for each tool, with links to pertinent vendor information, and community knowledge on how to evaluate, choose and use each tool:

BI Technologies Relevant for Digital Marketing

  • Data science platforms - tools including Algorithmia, Context Relevant, Dataiku, Plotly and
  • BI platforms - tools including IBM Cognos, Oracle BI, Pentaho, Sisense, SalesForce Wave Analysis, Birst, Domo, AtScale, and Platfora.
  • Data visualization - tools including Qlik, Tableau, Google Cloud Datalab, Looker Analytics, and

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