Resources about the visitors/unique visitors/unique users metric in web analytics, which measures the number of people who visited a website. Each visitor/user could have visited the website multiple times and viewed multiple pages.

Visitors, Unique Visitors and Unique Users

Perspectives on Visitors, Unique Visitors and Unique Users

L;;Identity crisis solved! Smart Unification of User Identities;;NA;NA;;;Utilizing the data you’ve collected from your anonymous users will give you an advantage, in the next level in the relationship when they transition to become identified users.
L;;Fixing 5 Problems in Moving Visitors Toward Conversion with Analytics;;NA;NA;;;Although the concept of moving visitors toward conversion is simple and straightforward, implementation is challenging. That’s because it involves so many activities, often controlled within different functional areas (not just marketing) and, often, managers in those areas have different goals.
L;;How Much Traffic Should Your Website Get;;NA;;;There’s a lot of advice on how to get traffic to your website. But how do you know whether or not your firm’s website gets enough? You could easily spend 30 000 or even 100 000 on a flashy new web
L;;Unique Visits and Visitors;;NA;;;Note: See terminology for definitions of common terms. The term visit implies that someone arrives at a website  stays a while  then leaves. While this is a nice way to describe the situation  it is n
L;;How Much Traffic Do You Need to Start Advertising on Your Blog?;;NA;;;[This is a part of the Getting Started with Blog Advertising blog series.] This is a very typical question that I’ve gotten a number of times across TentBlogger already as well as in personal emails
L;;Unique Visitors – Explained;;NA;;;On the support desk at StatCounter  we receive a lot of queries about Unique Visitors. This concept can be a little difficult to understand  particularly if you are new to web stats  so we’re going
L;;Difference Between Hits, Page Impressions And Unique Visits;;NA;;;
L;;Unique Visitors;;NA;;;Contents:  Hide To evaluate the global potential of your site  irrespective of    the type of site (content  marketing  advertising  branding  Customer    service  etc). To have a detailed vision o
L;;Recording and Analyzing Visitors;;;;;
L;;Google Analytics Visits: Are They More Reliable Than Unique Visitors?;;NA;;;Google Analytics:  On Visits vs Unique Visitors by Cormac Scanlan Are Visits a More Reliable Metric Than Unique Visitors? For those using Google Analytics  there has been a considerable amount of talk
L;;Hunting the Elusive DUV (Daily Unique Visitors);;NA;;;Imagine being asked to count a flock of doves perched together in a leafy tree. It’s very difficult to count the individual birds as they come and go and hop around in between the leaves. That data
L;;The Unique User Reality Check;;NA;;;Strategic analysis  Written by Thomas Baekdal on July 30  2015 Anyone who has ever tried to analyze the performance of a website are familiar with the problem of inaccurate data. I have written about


L;; Traffic, January 2015;;;;;
L;;Hearst - Audience and Demographics;;NA;;;Whether you are accessing audiences by Digital Business Unit (DBU)  title  passion   lifestage or targeted behaviors/personas  Hearst Digital delivers the right audience for  the right content for the

Unique Visitors in Google Analytics

L;;How to View the Number of Unique Visitors to a Page or Set of Pages in Google Analytics;;NA;;;You can see the number of unique visitors to your site as a whole in Google Analytics’ Audience report. But if you go to Behavior > Content Drilldown  to view a particular page of set of pages  you
L;;“Unique Visitors” Now Called “Users” on Google Analytics;;NA;;;Last spring  Google Analytics quietly changed some of their reporting terminology – • Visits was renamed Sessions.  • Unique Visitors was renamed Users.  • Pages/Visit (also called Page Depth)
L;;What is a "Unique Visitor" in Google Analytics?;;;;;The other day I heard about a website having over 100 million unique visitors each month. This is the kind of statistic I’ve heard many times before but for some reason  this time  I mentally analyz

Specific Technologies

L;;Monthly Unique Visitors for Websites;;NA;;;You asked for it  so we are ecstatic to announce new monthly unique visitor estimates! As of today  Alexa Advanced and Advanced High Traffic subscribers can access monthly unique visitors metrics for
L;;Anuko - How to See Visitor Statistics for Websites;;NA;;;Sometimes you will want to see visitor statistics for your website. It can be accomplished with Google Analytics.   Google Analytics is a free service from Google. It can get you various detailed re

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