Resources about web analytics dashboards, graphical interfaces that provide a visual display of important data that can be encapsulated in a single space.

Web Analytics Dashboards

Perspectives on Web Analytics Dashboards

L;;The Path to Analyze Unexpected User Behavior;;NA;NA;;;Online user behavior is often surprising and that’s what makes analyzing it so exciting. The behavioral path analysis that relies on events big data, and easily configured, is a very powerful tool that highlights deviations and turns users take from the expected paths, and  reveal behavioral anomalies.
L;;Overview on Web Analytics Dashboards: Types, Implementation and Metrics;;NA;;;

Specific Technologies

L;;CoolaData: Powerfully Insightful Visualization;;NA;;;Whether presented as pie charts, line graphs or funnels, display the data the way you want to view customer behavior at a moment’s notice.
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How To

L;;How to Build an Effective Web Analytics Dashboard;;NA;;;

Product Comparisons

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